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How To Get Married In 2019 {RMW’s Trend Predictions For The Year Ahead}

Wedding trends come and go, and come back again time and time again, much like fashion and interiors, except a little bit behind 😉 So this post is very much a fun one, looking at things we’ve loved from this year and predicting the trends we think will be big for 2019 weddings.

This year saw smoke bombs make a return (much to my dismay) and the use of llamas as a wedding photo opportunity (!) Let’s hope people don’t attempt to use 2019’s animal of choice, the narwal, as that could ruin a lot of wedding dresses…

For 2019 we’re going to see trends that are all about the feel of a wedding day. Creating an atmosphere makes the day truly memorable, but you already know that, that’s why you read RMW. So without further ado from me, let’s chat trends. We’ve consulted our much loved recommended suppliers on this one, so most of the images you see come from them! If you need somewhere to search for top wedding suppliers, vetted by a wedding obsessed team (ie us), then do check out our supplier directory once you’ve had a browse…

Colour Blocking {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

One way to make a statement with your decor, is to use one colour, or shades of the same colour, to create a clear colour scheme. Stolen from the world of interiors (naturally), sourcing matching or complimentary linens, flowers and tableware can be time consuming, but for the aesthetes among us, it’s definitely worth it. How striking do these all-pink and all-yellow set ups look? To create this look, clear communication and colour swatches are essential – you need your florist, stylist and caterer all on board with your plans.

Floral Installations {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

Meghan and Eugenie have a lot to answer for. Our floral budgets are being stretched to the max this year to create floral installations that WOW, and this trend is going no-where for 2019. Basically, wherever you can create a floral display, you need to create one. And while sadly none of us have the budget of a Princess – one large display is all it takes to create a focal point. And you only get married once. So buy the flowers.

Grazing Boards & Relaxed Dining {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

Possibly my favourite trend, we’ve finally followed the stylish Australian wedding industry and introduced an element of casual to our dining set ups. Once the reserve of ‘evening food,’ grazing board, buffet and sharing style food is here in a big way. All the big brands had a grazing board for their Christmas shindigs this year and we featured a couple of inspirations shoots this Autumn with food as the centre point. Expect to see grazing boards as the wedding breakfast at celebrations across the land for 2019. They really do set the tone for laid back, informal eating which makes conversation flow.

Hoops As Wedding Decor {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

Perhaps an obvious one for weddings, the symbolism of a hoop doesn’t go unnoticed, but they are massively underused. Well that’s about to change in a big way. Hoops were everywhere at the end of 2018 and we think they will be a strong decor feature for 2019 weddings. Versatile, pretty and easy to hang, hoops can create just about anything, from a table plan, to a new take on a bouquet.

Bronze/Brushed Gold Is Back {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

Wedding Decor expert, Gemma at The Wedding Of My Dreams, confirmed this one. Bronze and brushed gold tones are still massively out selling silver and this doesn’t look set to stop anytime soon. These metallic shades are softer than shiny gold or silver, and are easily paired with other popular wedding colours, such as blush pink and navy.

Minimalism {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

If the cost of large floral arrangements is terrifying you, then this trend should make you feel better. Minimalism, embracing space, is such a beautiful trend to arrive in the wedding world. Think few carefully chosen elements, each with room to sing in their own right and you’re half way there. This works best in industrial and contemporary venues, but we’d love to see this thoughtful and understated design used in all types of wedding venue, and we think 2019 might be the year for this.

Dried Flowers {RMW’s 2019 Wedding Trends}

All about adding texture to wedding design, dried flowers have been used across editorial for 2018 and we think for 2019 they will make their way into lots of real weddings. As well as dried flowers, use seed heads and grasses to add height. This pairs beautifully with the minimal trend, as these pieces are often so beautiful in their simplicity. But we also love the effect created by a riot of pampas grass.

So there you have it, our 2019 trend predictions. What would you like to see in 2019 weddings? Do you have any trend predictions we’ve missed? Do share! Look out for a fashion based 2019 trends post coming soon! And don’t forget to visit our supplier directory, The List, to get your wedding supplier search started.

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

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  1. Creativity and uniqueness is the entire thing that we can rely upon to give a new theme for wedding event. Your wedding decoration must be emphasizing on certain kind of trend and pattern whether is about flowers, minimalism or rustic wedding.

  2. People are now following wedding trends seriously than before. From wedding dress to wedding decoration everything is according to latest trend. Personally I like new trend of floral installation because it makes you feel fresh and portray a healthy and happy environment. Also beach wedding trend is taking place of indoor weddings. Thanks for sharing these trends.

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