Although naked and semi-naked wedding cakes are very popular, iced wedding cakes will always be on-trend. The wedding cake is a serious decision that needs to be made. The cake/s can be used as stylish and eye-catching decor as well as a yummy looking and tasting dessert. We’ve rounded up our favourite iced wedding cake trends from painted, botanical, retro, textured, colourful, and traditional wedding cakes in a range of colours and styles. You’ll be sure to find something here that gets your jaw dropping from awe and hungriness. If you're looking for your dream cake maker, then take a look at our Recommended suppliers! With these talented creatives, you really can have your cake and eat it.

Iced wedding cakes can work as eye-catching decor too

Painted Wedding Cakes

Having an iced wedding cake opens up a world of possibility with colour. Icing can be matched to the rest of your wedding decor. Or if you have a few colours in your wedding colour palette, why not opt for a painted wedding cake? With this abstract painted effect, you can pick a few different colours for some beautiful results. This style looks cool, fun and contemporary and works with almost every kind of wedding.

Colourful Cakes

While a bright cake isn't for everyone, there's no denying how striking they are. Or you could go for a pastel colour that fits in with your theme but doesn't steal all the attention. Either way, these cakes certainly are making our mouths water. Whether you embrace all-over colour or opt for a tonal palette, they look beautiful! A colourful wedding cake matches any kind of wedding!

Floral/Botanical Cakes

Why not keep your theme cohesive and add some of the flowers that are in your bouquet to your cake for seamless decor? This trend is really taking off and we can see why! We love this trend. Adding flowers to your iced wedding cake really levels up its elegance. You can make it extravagant or keep it simple and minimal, it looks so stunning either way! Flower pressed wedding cakes work perfectly for rustic, boho, spring, outdoor or woodland weddings.

Retro Cakes

We might have to say that these retro wedding cakes look the most appetising. Perhaps the abundance of icing might have something to do with it... they look almost too good to eat. This is a more recent trend that includes a lot of fun colours and often that perfect cherry on top. These retro iced wedding cakes look so good with industrial style, and city weddings because they add such a cool vibe that can only be matched with the uniqueness of an industrial wedding venue!

Traditional Wedding Cakes

Maybe you want to stick with that clean white wedding cake. We wouldn't blame you! Nothing looks as elegant and classy as these white cakes. But adding some flowers and subtle pops of colour, from the foliage to a bit of extra icing, helps dress them up to be worthy of your wedding. If you're having that classic big white wedding in a country house and opting for a black tie event or a small back garden wedding maybe these traditional cakes are more your vibe.

Textured Cakes

When it comes to taking your wedding styling to the next level, the texture is key and this applies to cakes too. Using icing on your wedding cake really allows your cake maker to bring another dimension to your cake. Whether that's with ruffles, marbled icing, chocolate bark, buttercream or royal icing, each element can transform the look of a cake.  These cakes can look very understated and are perfect for boho and rustic weddings. But you can also elevate them to suit luxury weddings like that blue beauty below!

Your wedding cake really sums up the vibe/aesthetic of your wedding

Still not found your ideal wedding cake? Take a look at another one of our guides to different styles of wedding cakes, too! Or browse our Pinterest board with thousands of cakes to scroll through. There's no denying you'll be able to find something there. We recommend eating before doing this.

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