Naomi: What do you do when you decide you want to make your own wedding rings? You visit an experienced and multi-award-winning goldsmith to show you the way of course. Lucky for you, we've paired up with Recommended Supplier Anna Loucah of Make Your Own Wedding Rings London to talk through why you may want to make your own wedding rings. We'll then also explain what to expect on the day. Yes, one day. that's all it takes to make them.
Over to Anna...

...No two stories have ever been the same - and that should also be true of your rings.

Anna - Make Your Own Wedding Rings London

Why Should YOU Make YOUR Own Wedding Rings?

A wedding ring may be a small piece of metal but what it communicates to the world is vast. It says 'love, commitment, and unity' and is an instantly recognisable symbol that will journey with you for the rest of your lives together. 

As a bespoke jeweller, I have worked with many couples over the years and no two stories have ever been the same - and that should also be true of your rings. 

When you make each other's wedding rings, you know that the piece you are creating on that day is completely unique. You will know every detail of how it was created and remember every curve and edge because you formed it yourself by hand.

I consider the day that we spend together in my studio to be a celebration in itself because it's a day for just the two of you. It's really important to me that it is special and memorable and that the experience goes with you as part of your story.

HOW DO YOU Make Your Own Wedding Rings?


The day itself actually begins a couple of weeks beforehand when we meet for a consultation. This is an informal, no-commitment chat about design ideas, metal choices, and price options. We can meet either in person at my central London studio or, meet virtually to get the ball rolling that way.

It is completely normal to have very little idea of the style of ring that you would each like and what options are out there. The aim of the consultation - apart from introducing ourselves to each other - is to guide you through the design process ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident with the next steps. Once your design has been agreed upon, I will provide you with a number of quotes and time to think before making a decision.

The provenance of my materials is of huge importance to me and my working practice, therefore, I use exclusively Fairtrade or 100% recycled metal. Traceable gemstones can also be added and you can even use your own gold! There are so many options and I will happily guide you through all of them.

When the day itself arrives my studio is your studio! We begin by putting the kettle on and planning the day ahead. I will have your metal prepared and ready for you and we will have plenty of time to go over any last details or questions. Then we begin the making process. I will demonstrate each step as we go along, so please don't worry if you have no previous creative experience - I'll guide you through every stage.

The goldsmithing techniques used in ring making haven't changed much in thousands of years - it really is amazing what can be achieved in a day! 

Once we have made comfortable progress, we will break for a delicious lunch with all dietary needs catered. Good food is, after all, a big part of every special occasion.

After lunch, we will get to the finishing stages. This is where you really see the flat piece of metal that you began the day with, transforming into the bright, precious ring that fits like a glove and completes your union. And, as with all good celebrations, we end with a glass of sparkles and time to admire your creations!

When your day is complete, I will need to hang on to your rings for a week or two in order to have them hallmarked and arrange for any engraving or stone setting that you might like. I will get in touch as soon as they are ready for collection and you will receive them in a custom, bespoke ring box - all ready to be revealed to the world on your big day!

And so, if you are looking for a truly unique experience that brings even more significance to your wedding jewellery, then I look forward to welcoming you to my studio and spending the day weaving memories into precious metal.

If you're a lover of all things unique, meaningful, and having wonderful experiences with your other half, then consider whether you should make your own wedding rings. You'll also get the memories of a day together (whilst also creating a bespoke piece of jewellery you'll wear for the rest of your lives). Sounds like the perfect pre-wedding date day to us. For more information contact Recommended Supplier Anna at Make Your Own Wedding Rings London.  

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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