The wedding ring is the most powerful symbol of love and commitment that there is - one that will last you a lifetime. So what could be better than handcrafting that special, precious piece together?


Neither of us have ever done anything like this before! Does that matter?

No not at all - all you need is enthusiasm - Anna will help you with the rest! It can be quite a grubby process so please wear practical clothing.

What about design? Neither of us are sure of what we want.

Anna will provide a full, detailed and free of charge design consultation 2 weeks before hand - either in person or remotely. During this consultation Anna will provide full guidance on choices of size, shape, width and metal. Simple bands tend to be the most satisfying and easy to achieve within one day but should you require something more complicated - such as fitting around your engagement ring - that can also be discussed.

Is one day enough time to make two rings?

Yes - the time frame given will provide us with a fun and enjoyably paced day. However - if by any chance we do need slightly longer then we'll just extend the day to give you all the time you need at no extra cost. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole process.

How many other couples will be there on the day?

Just the two of you and Anna. It is not a group workshop so you will receive full attention at all times ensuring that you are comfortable and can be confident of creating two perfect rings by the end of the day!

What are our metal options?

Anna is a specialist in ethical sourced and Fairtrade materials and so will happily guide you through the process of selecting your metals. On the day you can use silver, 9ct, 14ct or 18ct yellow white or rose gold. At the moment working directly with platinum or palladium in the workshop isn’t possible so what you will do is work in silver and then have your ring cast and finished in platinum or palladium. This will incure a small additional charge and require a couple of additional weeks.


Such an amazing day making our wedding bands with Anna! If you have the time you should definitely do this!! Such fun and we really have an appreciation for jewellery making now and the hard work and care that goes into these pieces. The day happens after a consultation with Anna as to how you want your rings to look and when you turn up she will have the gold 'nuggets' ready to go. She walks you through all the steps and helps when needed. A delicious lunch is provided too! At the end of the day you will have turned the gold into your bands, enjoy!

Pam and Harry

My fiancé and I had the most incredible time making our wedding rings with Anna - from the initial design consultation, through the making, to celebrating their completion with a glass of champagne the whole process was led and supervised with Anna's warmth, guidance and attention to detail. We were both so impressed with the fact we were able to undertake every part of the ring-making process, from forming and soldering the bands, to sizing them as well as shaping and polishing. I think we were both anxious about the undertaking of such a task, but the expertise and techniques that Anna imparted soon had us in the zone and striving for the quality and precision that we could see in the Anna's previous works around us. Would whole-heartedly recommend the day to anyone wanting to make their wedding that little bit more personal, and what's more the range of delicious catering Anna had on offer through the day kept us well fed and watered and eager to work!

Toby and Ben

We had a fantastic experience creating our rings with Anna! From the consultation and through the entire process she expertly gave us the perfect amount of support and was super friendly to boot! We are really happy with the rings she enabled us to create and can’t wait to be wearing them for the rest of our lives!

Cara and Sam

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