Michelle & Graham’s gothic wedding took place at the enchanting Foxfire Mountain House in New York. The bride has a penchant for all things witchy and planned the ultimate Halloween wedding with a live tarot card reader, a bespoke black wedding dress, a Pagan-inspired wedding ceremony, and live wedding tattoos in place of wedding rings! Here's a glimpse into the magical day that unfolded with pumpkins and autumnal decorations at Foxfire Mountain House…

Pagan-inspired wedding ceremony at Foxfire Mountain House with a bespoke black wedding dress

Our advice is to do what feels right to you! We stuck to everything that felt and looked right to us. Our wedding was super unconventional and we didn’t feel like anything was done for anyone else. It was so personal and special.

Michelle & Graham

Pagan-Inspired Wedding Ceremony

Nestled in the Hudson Valley, Foxfire Mountain House provided an idyllic setting for this magical celebration. The rustic charm of the venue, combined with the fall ambience, created a super cosy atmosphere. Michelle & Graham tied the knot in an intimate Pagan-inspired ceremony, nestled in the woods. The wedding even took place on the evening of a full moon. Of course, it wouldn’t be a gothic wedding without a black wedding dress. Michelle’s dress was completely bespoke, and to add an extra layer of charm, the couple’s one-year-old daughter had a matching black dress. Too cute for words!

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Not only was the wedding ceremony unconventional, but Michelle & Graham brought their witchy theme across the whole day. The couple had a tarot card reader alongside their band and DJ for entertainment. If you’re stuck on finding ways to entertain guests while still matching your theme, take a look at our 101 wedding entertainment ideas. The ultimate entertainment, however, was the live tattooist! Michelle & Graham’s favourite moment of the day was getting wedding band tattoos instead of exchanging actual rings to symbolise their commitment! Nothing says commitment more than matching tattoos!

There's something so magical and romantic about gothic weddings that we're so obsessed with 

This fall wedding at Foxfire Mountain House transcended the ordinary, embracing the bride's witchy charm and love for Halloween. With her black wedding dress, their unconventional ring tattoos, and the warmth of the foliage at Foxfire Mountain House, everything was absolutely perfect. As a wedding photographer, capturing this enchanting love story, a real-life fairytale made of autumnal magic and everlasting commitment, was an absolute joy.

Lucie B. Photo

For Michelle & Graham, the most important part of getting married was doing it in a way that felt true to them and that’s exactly what they did. Are you LOVING the gothic vibes? If the answer is yes, you have to see our 64 gothic wedding ideas. It’s got everything from coffin-shaped signage to skull decorations, and more black wedding dresses! To make their ceremony feel more Pagan, the couple had a handfasting wedding ceremony. But what is a handfasting ceremony? We have all the answers you’re looking for.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

Venue: Foxfire Mountain House | Photography: Lucie B. Photo | Videography: Hudson Valley Creative | Florist: Djuna Vine | Wedding Dress: Claire La Faye | Celebrant: Michele Zipp

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