There is something about Spring, Easter in particular when all the gorgeous pastel hues come into their own. Just recently team Rock My have all gone a bit gooey eyed for mint, incorporating it into our homes, wearing it and even bringing our littles in on the action. We're blaming it entirely on the the delicious RMW book Your Day Your Way's linen cover. But with a hue that beautiful is it any wonder. So as an ode to the wedding book of dreams we're bringing you a whole host of inspiration so you can fall in love with the shade as much as us.
Possibly the easiest way to incorporate a colour scheme into any wedding is with the fashion. We (and you according to our Instagram traffic) simply adore the new Twobirds Party Collection, especially in the mint colour option. But it doesn't have to stop at the bridesmaids, we've even seen grooms donning the hue too like this dapper chap at his outdoor destination wedding. Ok so it's possibly more of an eau de nil shade but he still looks incredible and perfect amongst the natural surroundings. No longer is it expected for brides to wear white dresses either, and more and more we are seeing beautiful coloured dresses grace our pages, but if you're not quite brave enough to wear a coloured frock, there's nothing to stop you from popping a pair of sweet mint shoes on your toes. RMW Sponsor Rachel Simpson's Mimosa shoes are incredible and always make our heart skip a beat when we feature them in real weddings.
{Mint Bridesmaid Inspiration}
Mint Bridesmaid Inspiration
Flowers, Decor & Styling
My initial thoughts were mint green is quite a hard hue to mimic in the flowers, but it turns out there are actually a plethora of succulents, foliage and proteas that would look beautiful amongst your fashion and decor. You only have to look at the inspiration board below to be enlightened. More and more couples are going down the DIY route and making their own signs, centrepieces and sometimes even stationery, ensuring continuity with a clever pot of their favourite paint, spray can, or design. We LOVE this Laura Ashley eau de nil paint. You can see just how beautiful it is on Rock My Style Editor Lauren's gorgeous roll top bath in her previous county cottage. But if you're not into DIY we've found some delectable items below you can add to your venue to get the minty look.
{Mint Wedding Inspiration}
Mint Wedding Inspiration
Get The Mint To Be Wedding Look
If you're lusting after more inspiration our sister sites Rock My Style and Rock My Family are sharing a wealth of interior and fashion pieces to wet your appetite a little bit more. You can't beat a bit of dirty enabling on a Tuesday morning, especially if you are suffering from sugar withdrawal after the Easter break. I know I am!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Mint Green Wedding Dress Picture: Lauren Rae Photography | Cake Picture: Romance Weddings

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