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Why You NEED To Have A Wedding Film…

Gione Da Silva

Gione Da Silva

OK so telling you what to do isn’t our usual style – we want you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamt of and who are we to tell you what your dreams are?!

But today I’m making an exception because it’s something I feel very strongly about. We are really, really, really lucky that we live in a time where moving pictures are a possibility. So here’s why you absolutely NEED someone to film your wedding day…

1. Having your wedding day captured on film is a privilege that we should absolutely make the most of. I think all the Grandmas out there would give their right arms to relive their wedding days once again, reminiscing over how young and beautiful they looked, and the power of moving film allows you to do just that. It’s basically your duty as a citizen of today to embrace the technology available to you 😉

2. You can’t possibly see everything that happens on your wedding day, but a wedding video allows you to see lots of the things you’d like to. The banter and nerves as your other half gets ready, the buzzing anticipation in the ceremony room, your vows and speeches recorded for you to listen to again and again and again. How happy you both looked as you sailed through your first dance. Yes still images can capture these things, but not in the same way as a moving picture can.

3. It’s the one occasion when all of your nearest and dearest are gathered together in one place for the day. Sadly, a time will come when some of these people are no longer in your lives anymore and a wedding film allows you to connect to them again. One of our real Brides Emma touched on this in her recent post about choosing a videographer for her own big day. It’s well worth a read. Yes you’ll have your treasured photographs, but film allows laughs, tears and words to be captured too.

4. It’s possible that you’ll have guests who can’t make it to your wedding day, due to distance or illness and having a wedding video allows them to feel as if they were there. I’ll never forget showing my Granddad the images of my Godmothers wedding, he was so proud to see the family all dressed up together having a lovely time. You just can’t put a value on moments like these. Having a film would have made this even more special.

5. Although children might feel a lifetime away for you right now, imagine how wonderful it would be to one day sit and watch the film with your own little people. To see Mummy looking like a Princess and to hear you both promise your lives to each other is a truly magical thing.

Have I convinced you yet? Well you may live to regret it if you don’t. I appreciate that sounds rather dramatic – but if I haven’t managed to persuade you already, then have a little read of this post from our lovely Becky.

Choosing The Right Videographer For You

There are many fabulous videographers out there, with very different styles. From the emotive, to the cinematic, from vintage inspired to modern and stylish. Our recommended supplier directory – The List is the best place to start. If you’re choosing to dedicate a large chunk of your budget to film and photography, then you need to make sure that those people are absolute pros and that your images and film will make you cry tears of joy.

And please don’t scrimp on one or the other. Photographers and videographers are of equal importance. I know we’re talking the best part of £5000 here, maybe more. Whoever you are, it’s a large amount of money, but if it comes down to it, please do think about sacrificing other areas in order to have both. Does everyone really need favours? Can you wear high street shoes instead of designer? Can you have a Spotify playlist during the day instead of a string quartet? Can guests help create a dessert table rather than having a cake?

Like photography, your choice of videographer will be very personal to you as a couple. But to help you out here’s a selection of some of our favourites, all with very different styles. The image and film in the slider above are from film from Gione Da Silva, who is ridiculously talented and also amazing to work with – he always gets back to you promptly with total professionalism and is just an all round great guy. It’s no wonder he won the National Wedding Industry Award Videographer for 2017. And here are some more of our favourites…

{Baxter & Ted}

‘Life is all about the story, the people, the adventures, the places and the memories. We are storytellers. It’s what we love and it’s our inspiration. Our TV careers have given us incredible adventures – we have filmed in over 40 countries and Chris films all of Rick Stein’s programmes for the BBC. But all these experiences would mean nothing without the people and their stories – that’s at the heart of everything.

Each wedding film is unique to reflect the couple, their story and their adventures. Our experience, along with our relaxed and informal documentary style allows us to capture each wedding as it unfolds in a natural, authentic and unobtrusive way. We combine old and new formats, digital and film. We both adore the timeless, romantic quality of super 8 film. We love the imperfections, which make it beautifully perfect. It is a wonderful contrast to the vibrant, stunning cinematic feel of our high definition cameras.

People’s love stories get under our skin and into our hearts. We love to combine our passion for storytelling with the joy of other people’s stories, capturing the romance of people in love and preserving those precious memories on film.’

{Blooming Lovely Films}

‘I bypass the cheesy nonsense and capture your day in a way that is discreet, natural and real. Using latest HD DSLR cameras and a bunch of other gadgets, I love to take the cinematic approach that will give your film that added sparkle. You want a beautifully crafted, visual moving memory of the most important day of your life. I think we’re a match made in heaven. Let’s meet, drink tea and chat about your day!’

{This Modern Revelry}

‘If your life is all about forging a new path down a road paved with tradition there’s a good chance we’d be a great fit to film your wedding.

This Modern Revelry is a London Wedding Videography Studio creating modern, cinematic and fun wedding films that are just that bit cooler than the rest.’

Things To Check

Any good videographer worth their salt will be paying the necessary licence fees for the music they use, which allows them to them record live music (like an organist or a band) and to dub music onto your edited film. There are different options for your highlights film vs the full film as generally the full film won’t be shared online and is for private use only.

As with all of your wedding suppliers, make sure you know what the payment terms are, when the full balance is due and when you can expect delivery of the finished product. It’s also worth checking whether you’ll be responsible for their travel and accommodation costs as this obviously adds to the final bill.

So what are your thoughts? Will you be having a videographer for your big day? And if you’re on the hunt for a great one, don’t forget to visit our recommended supplier directory, The List.

Photography by Gione Da Silva
Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

9 thoughts on “Why You NEED To Have A Wedding Film…

  1. Very true. It’s incredibly lucky that we live in a time where can capture high quality photos, yet alone moving pictures. As it’s a once in a lifetime moment your wedding, and it’s filled with so many truly moving moments, having as much of it captured is important. Filmography allows you to really feel like you’re reliving the day. Similarly, photo booths can be highly beneficial to have, as they capture a different element of the day with the guests getting together and goofing off – which can be nice in amidst the more posed photos.

  2. Yes! We posted something similar a year ago after we received our own wedding film back and it’s so true! Like a lot of couples we were initially a bit iffy- you read so much online like “I’d never watch it, I hate my voice” etc but we are so incredibly happy that we had our day filmed. As wedding photographers ourselves we now have a whole new appreciation for how a film allows you to see a moment build. You pick up on quirks only conveyed through movement and/or sound- the wobble in a voice.

    We realised that all of the concerns we had about having a film were temporary (budget, will I look fat, will we watch it etc) whilst the memories that it leaves will be forever. Ultimately our thoughts were this; If we have the day filmed we will always have the option to watch it, enjoy it or to leave it gathering dust in a drawer if we so choose. If we don’t we will never have the option again and may regret it.

    It’s a worthwhile investment!

  3. Agreed. The best way to preserve those precious memories that far exceeds still images these days.
    Photographers naturally dominated the wedding scene while video capabilities were so poor. Now we have the ability to capture weddings in a true cinematic film style. Although videographers are becoming more popular for weddings now, they are still regarded as a secondary option behind photographers….and shockingly expected to be cheaper.
    I look forward to the day when wedding videographers are top of the list.

    My company also offers the above

  4. 100% agree. So many of my couples tell me that booking a wedding film “was the best thing they did” or “the best money they spent”. The proof is in my reviews. It captures your day in such a different way to photography. If you want to relieve your day in the best way possible you need to book a good wedding videographer.

  5. Choosing the right videographer is great advice. Very frequently clients get to us just following a trend and so it’s quite useful just to stop and think if we are a good match to the client as much as if the client’s a good match to us as videographers.

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