In 2023, we predicted that no alcohol weddings would be a big thing and, of course, they were. With wellness lifestyle choices taking the front and centre spot, it just makes sense. New year, new you! Of course, we're all about having your day, your way at Rock My Wedding, and, if you're a big fan of cocktails then have them all! But, it's important to note that you don't need to have alcohol to have a 'fun' wedding. By being more inclusive of your wedding guests’ preferences, everyone will get to enjoy your day and nothing is more fun than that! Read below for some simple ways of doing this... 

No alcohol wedding ideas with mocktails and low-alcohol substitutes for your 'dry' wedding!


The good thing about mocktail hour is that it never has to end because you'll never get sick or drunk! Plus, mocktails are always insta-worthy with cute edible flowers, sparkles, or fruit decorating the drinks! You might have guests that can’t have alcohol for medical reasons (they might be pregnant), guests who are sober after struggling with an addiction, or guests who just don’t like alcohol full stop! Sometimes people may be embarrassed to request having low or no alcohol. It’s normally assumed that everyone would and should be drinking! But really it should be as simple as ticking a gluten-free or vegan box. 

Low or No Alcohol Weddings

Similarly, you can keep your whole wedding teetotal! At least that way everyone will be able to remember your special day and there won't be any super embarrassing wedding pictures! But if you do want alcohol, why not provide your guests with some low alcohol options? Emmi & Luke had a low-alcohol bar at their wedding. They created the bar as Luke can't drink alcohol after having covid. Having a champagne tower, or a champagne-popping portrait? Then why not go for no alcohol champagne (because who wants to waste expensive alcohol when it’s not even being drunk!)? 

Wedding Drink Hydration Stations

A hydration station is a trend we've been loving lately! At summer weddings when the temperature is soaring, it's important to keep everyone hydrated on the day (especially for those guests that are drinking alcohol)! These real weddings have an outdoor drinks station with large dispensers. Fill 'em up with water, fresh lemonade or other juices! Add some fruit in for flavour and decoration along with some personalised straws, napkins or ice. This way, people who aren't drinking alcohol don't have to go up to the bar or make a request to a caterer walking around with a tray of champagne. This is also great for kids! If you're having kids at your wedding, this is a fun and interactive way for them to fill up their cups. 

Try not to assume that guests will be drinking, having a low or no alcohol wedding with all drink options is fab idea!

Decided a no alcohol wedding is for you? That's amazing! You might be interested in checking out some of our vegan wedding inspiration as well. If you are going to be serving alcohol on your wedding day, then our wedding drinks guide has all the serving information you need to know.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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