This is a short and sweet wedding poem that is perfect for kids or those guests that might be a bit nervous but would still like to speak at your wedding. This is No Mistake poem by Martha Sims. It’s a poem about someone asking a wise owl in a tree if they should marry their partner and the wise old owl confirms that they’re The One! We love just how simple this is and it’s sure to get a few chuckles at your ceremony, especially with that last line. If you decide you like this wedding reading, download your free PDF copy.

No Mistake Poem

by Martha Sims

I know that you were made for me
And I was made for you
A wise old owl up in a tree
Told me this was true
I asked him only yesterday
If I should marry you
He answered – -I can safely say
You’re not a twit to woo.’

No Mistakes Here!

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No Mistake poem by Martha Sims comes from our collection of children's wedding readings, but if you like this you'll probably also enjoy our wedding poems too. Deciding on those finishing touches for your day? From wedding favourswedding signage, and wedding chair back decorations, we have all the inspiration and advice on your styling and decor, so don't go anywhere! We're here to help. Just think of us as your personal wedding BFF. Any question you have about weddings, we most likely have an article for it!

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Written by Leah Blundell

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