Who doesn't love beautiful, handwritten wedding signs? We absolutely adore a good wedding sign. They can bring together your wedding styling beautifully. If you use the same font as your wedding stationery and tie in your colour scheme, the final result will be cohesive and super stylish. Use signs to tell your guests what's going on, where to go when and what they will be eating. So, we have the five signs we recommend you have for your day, which includes, but are not limited to, welcome signs, order of the day/service, unplugged ceremony, menu and table plans.

Wedding signs are practical and can be beautiful decor too!

Welcome Signs

Having a sign to welcome guests and direct them where to go is a lovely way to greet them as they arrive. Not only does it set the tone for the day, but if you use the same colour scheme and font as your stationery, then it helps to make your whole wedding day look really cohesive.

Order of the Day

Guests like to know what they will be doing all day, and having an order of the day sign helps them to know where to be and when. On the sign, let them know the key timings. When are the ceremony, food, and speeches, and when the party will draw to a close?

Unplugged Ceremony Wedding Signs

Perhaps one of the newest signs to be seen at weddings is the unplugged ceremony sign. If you want guests to put their phones away and not take any photographs during the ceremony, then you need one of these signs. Whether you ask them to keep phones away for the rest of the day or not is up to you, but having an 'unplugged' ceremony makes your photographer's job so much easier.

Menu Wedding Signs

A great way to save money is by having one large menu sign rather than individual menu cards for each place setting. Make sure you keep it somewhere that everyone can see and include all of your courses. Or if you're having a cocktail hour, a stylish display of what's on offer is sure to entice your guests into sipping happily.

Table Plan/Seating Charts

If you're allocating seating at your wedding, then you definitely need a table plan to show people where to sit. No matter how clear you think it is, people will always get confused, so try to place it in the same room as your tables and so it clearly replicates the way the tables are laid out.

To save you or your wedding party getting questions, wedding signs can give guests the answers they need!

The good news is that these wedding signs have no rules! You can display and design them as you see fit. For more advice on planning and organising your stationery take a look at our wedding stationery checklist. Or take a look at our top ten stylish table plan ideas.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

Wedding Signs: The List

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