Pampas grass is a huge trend for a reason! We've gathered a few ideas of how you can incorporate pampas grass wedding decor into your day. Whimsical, feathery and ethereal, pampas grass makes a real statement when used as part of a wedding. Due to its size, it frames other florals and greenery perfectly; and due to its neutral muted tones, it contrasts beautifully with wedding greenery such as eucalyptus. It fits into so many styles of wedding whether it's rustic, boho, vintage, modern, or romantic. With this in mind, we've got bouquets, moongates, installations, columns and more in this article.

If you're having a rustic or boho theme wedding, then pampas grass is an absolute must!

Pampas Grass Installations

While pampas grass is often chosen for its simplicity with its neutral tone, these extravagant installations are here to prove that pampas grass can be used to add all the drama you want. The feathery effect certainly adds a bit of flamboyance, while still having that boho vibe. If you were worried about going over the top with colourful fresh flowers, pampas grass might be a better option, especially if you're having a boho luxe-style wedding. We couldn't think of a better pairing!

Pampas Grass Bouquets

A couple of delicate feathery fronds can add a real softness to a wedding bouquet. Or for the ultimate in minimalist, boho chic, we love the idea of an entire bouquet made up of a mass of pampas grass. In these images from real weddings and editorial shoots, you can see how brides have chosen to include pampas grass in their weddings. Whether you want a colourful bouquet or you're sticking with neutral, it works so well! If you're having an autumn wedding, pampas grass in the bouquet emphasises the seasonal tone.


Ah, pampas grass moongates...the perfect altar backdrop! The texture of the pampas grass adds such an amazing quality to wedding photos. We know you're going to be stunned looking at these intricate moongates that are certainly showstoppers!


A similarly showstopping way to display pampas grass is in columns! Pampas grass columns are great as aisle and altar decor as well as decor for entrances. You can also jazz them up by including some real fresh flowers or disco balls, too!

Colourful Pampas Grass

If you want the texture of pampas grass but not the neutral tones, go for something with a bit more excitement. This way you can keep it bright and fun if you're having a party or festival-style wedding or just want a bit of colour. Or you could go for pastel colours to add more soft romantic vibes to the day. 

Other Pampas Grass Wedding Decor Ideas

Whether it's your cake, a table centrepiece, or some aisle decor, we have even more decor ideas if the ones above didn't satisfy you. The reason we love pampas grass is that it can be used in so many different ways to add a little something extra. 

Colourful pampas grass is a great way of keeping the texture and avoiding the neutral tone!

If you wanted pampas grass at your wedding, hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration on how you might have a pampas grass wedding. We also have a dried flower roundup for even more ideas on your blooms. If you've decided fresh flowers are more your vibe, take a look at exactly what flowers you'll need for your day

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