This dreamy back garden wedding with pink and white wedding flowers is just what we needed today. Originally marrying back in 2021, Rose & Tom opted for a wedding party incorporating Rose’s Iranian heritage. Recommended Supplier, the Wedding Smashers, truly got the party started, as DJ Ed happens to be half Iranian himself! In fact, he did such an excellent job that when the party ended Rose needed to do a little explaining to her family about ‘carriages at midnight’. Of course, The Kensington Photographer was on hand to ensure this incredible day was captured beautifully. 

Pink and white wedding flowers for back garden wedding

We wanted to incorporate some of Rose's Iranian heritage through an Iranian wedding table (Sofreh Aghd). Farsi place cards, rosewater sugared almond wedding favours (Noghl). And Iranian music to dance to on a Persian carpet dance floor.

Rose & Tom


The Sofreh Aghd is a traditional ceremony spread. Rose & Tom found Afar Sofreh Aghd Designs. A mother-and-daughter duo who create the most gorgeous Sofreh Aghd tables, stationery and favours. These tables are full of items to symbolise a blessed marriage. Mirrors to represent light, a needle and thread for two families being stitched together. Fruit for fertility, a scripture of the couple's choice to guide their marriage, and honey and sugar cones for a marriage full of sweetness.


Being aware of the fact that there are lots of exciting distractions on your wedding day, Rose & Tom wanted the main focus to be their vows to one another. Originally marrying in 2021 during Covid, they knew that although there were many things they couldn’t do, it was a blessing in disguise as it helped them narrow their focus on the day to what truly mattered. 

Rose & Tom’s pink and white wedding flowers bring so much light!

We also wanted to incorporate our faith as we are both born-again Christians. In his wedding speech, Tom shared 1 John 4:9-11. He spoke about how God's undeserved love gives us the framework for love in our marriage. 

Rose & Tom

Could pink and white wedding flowers be for you? We wouldn’t be surprised! If you’re currently looking for your florist, then you may want to start asking some important questions. Don’t forget to check out our Recommended Suppliers where you’ll find Rose & Tom’s DJ and Photographer! 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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