An LGBTQI+ Valentine's shoot with pink wedding shoes, decor, cake and more should be appreciated every month - not just in February. So that's exactly what we're doing - basking in the pink-tinted glory that is this incredible wedding shoot. The brides' alternative wedding looks, including that stunning dress from Recommended supplier Eliza May Atelier, stand out beautifully against the perfectly pink backdrop. Those stunning bits of stationery from Recommended supplier Love Flora Studio have the same effect. A sprinkle of chic minimalism set against a more eccentric mise-en-scène creates a truly gorgeous contrast. These contrasts and the rest of this fun-filled shoot were captured by Recommended supplier Gabriela's Photography And Film, and might we add - fantastically captured, indeed. 

Pink wedding shoes, balloons, neon signs, streamers and more... Give us ALL the pink!

I noticed that a lot of styled shoots featuring lesbians often didn't embrace their Femininity and Femme couples. I wanted to create a bold but girly shoot, featuring love hearts, pinks and reds, and proudly portray the femme lesbians I knew, such as my mother. She passed away a few months ago, and she was the most feminine lesbian I've had the pleasure of meeting - so this was a homage to her! I knew it had to be perfect, so I gathered together some epic female suppliers who embraced the theme!

Gabriela's Film And Photography

Pink Wedding Shoes

This shoot embraces the beauty and light of femininity in every way. The brides' complimenting pink wedding shoes are just the start. Wanting to centre the entire shoot around pink, the balloons, wedding streamers, the neon sign, florals, cocktails, sunglasses, cake and decor all boast the same colour. Of course, pink doesn't encapsulate all of femininity and is more often associated with love and romance. Feminine power is beautiful, nurturing, creative, graceful, warm and full of love - hence the pink. Feminine energy allows you to connect with yourself, trust yourself and love yourself. And trust us - we are ALL about that at Rock My Wedding.

Alternative Bridal Looks

It's not just the awe-inspiring feminine energy and a plethora of pink that makes this shoot so special. It's the alternative bridal looks, too. The three-quarter-length sleeve, mesh overlay short wedding dress is as edgy as it is stunning, and paired with those incredible pink wedding shoes, some fabulous sunglasses and hair gems make for a ridiculously cool look. How could we forget that SUIT? A satin cropped double-breasted blazer. Matching white fitted trousers. Some more gorgeous pink shoes, and a half-up-half-down look. The contrast of the more feminine dress with the more androgynous suit is just everything, yet another beautiful contrast. There's so much to love in this shoot, it's almost scary. 

Inspiring femininity, pink wedding shoes, colourful wedding decor and some incredible cakes all wrapped into one Valentine's shoot!

We incorporated little nods to the lesbian community. Like the Lesbian flag, held proudly by Annie and Grace. We also thought it would be cute to add a proposal in there in the form of a smash love heart and a note saying Marry Me.

Gabriela Photography And Film

This whole shoot has got us feeling positively pretty in pink. It's made us treasure our femininity, too. That's always a plus! If those outfits have got you feeling groovy, then our article on alternative bridal outfits will have the same effect. This shoot also serves as a great inspiration in the wedding lighting department! That neon sign is going on our Christmas List. Hey, listen, if we can marvel at a Valentine's shoot in April, we can start our list in April, too.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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