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‘It boiled down to self preservation really and how I might feel in the future if I decided not to invite him’. Laura from Rock My Wedding’s supplier directory, The List, joins Charlotte and Becky to talk about her thought process when it came to deciding on the guest list for her wedding and whether or not to invite her biological father. We chat about our own guest list challenges and tackle everything from divorced parents to whether or not to invite children.

Ways to word your invitations if you aren’t having children attend

• We’re so sorry but due to restrictions at our venue we cannot accommodate children under the age of 16/18.

• Due to limited space at our venue unfortunately we cannot extend this invite to children.

• As much as we would love to invite all the children of our friends unfortunately it is only possible for us to accommodate children of close family.

• We love your children but we simply can’t afford to include them in our day, we can only accommodate close family. We really hope you can understand our position and we can’t  wait to see you on the day.

• We love children but we’d really like our day to be an adult only occasion.

• We’re sorry we’re unable to accommodate children.

• We really want our guests to let their hair down  and have an evening of relaxation so we  have chosen for our wedding to be an adult only occasion. We hope this advanced notice gives you plenty of time to be able to join us and enjoy an evening off.

• We’d love to see you eat good food and dust off your dancing shoes without having to worry about keeping an eye on little ones so we politely request no children.

• Children are more than welcome to attend the wedding ceremony but the wedding reception will be an adults only affair.

• We would like our wedding to be an adult only occasion but we would like to extend an invite to children for the evening reception.

• Unfortunately we can only include children of the bridal party to the day of the wedding. We would love for your little ones to join u sat the evening reception.

• In an effort to include all of our friends and family in our day we have opted to celebrate our wedding with adults only.




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Author: Becky Sappor
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