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How To Budget For Your Wedding

Not sure where to start when it comes to your wedding budget? We get it! How can you even start planning your wedding budget when you have no idea how much things typically cost? We break down the average costs for all your wedding suppliers and provide you with a wedding budget breakdown to give you a great starting point when it comes to planning your big day. With all the facts and figures and a laugh along the way you’ll come away feeling confident about how to budget for your wedding.



  • Your Wedding Budget {What Do You Get For £8000?}
    Earlier this year, we ran a competition with Pimm's for one lucky couple to win £8000 to spend with our wedding directory, The List. The lovely Jade and Daniel were our winners and they have been busily spending their winnings on services from some of the industry's loveliest and most talented supp...
  • DIY Village Hall Wedding Budget Under £5K
    Beautiful DIY Village Hall Wedding For Under £5k
    When you're planning a wedding, it's SO easy to let the budget run away with you and spend spend spend like there's no tomorrow. This savvy pair knew they wanted a beautiful wedding from the off, but also wanted to make sure they didn't bankrupt themselves in the process. Between them and their amaz...
  • wedding budget
    Wedding Budget Breakdown - How To Allocate Your Wedding Budget
    While every wedding is different and as a couple, you'll find you have priorities (food and drink over flowers, cake over favours perhaps), most of us have no idea how to split our wedding budget to make sure we've covered everything. By hugely popular demand, we're chatting all things wedding budge...

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