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Postponed Wedding Announcements

Yesterday we shared with you a post on “How To Postpone A Wedding”. Whilst it wasn’t the most fun of posts to share, my hope is that it was a practical one. A post that can help the many of you who are facing postponing your wedding in the coming weeks. Aside from all the steps you need to take to actually postpone your wedding, you’ll need guidance on how to announce this to your guests. We think the best thing to do in this instance is to call each of your guests personally. Then you can be sure that everyone receives the message and you can check in on how they’re doing. Next, you can follow up with some kind of postponed wedding announcement. 

You may just be alerting your guests that a new date is yet to be chosen. Or you may want to communicate the new date you’ve settled with your venue, suppliers and key wedding party members. There are a number of ways to give your guests the information that they need. We advise that if your wedding is 8 weeks away or less that you let your guests know as soon as possible, even if you’re yet to arrange the new date.

After your lovely phone call, you can follow up with a text, email, DM, update of your wedding website, social media announcement or a piece of paper through the post. Especially useful if you’re sending a new date, this gives your guests something to refer back to should they need to be reminded of the particulars. 

Free Postponed Wedding Announcements

To make it as easy as possible for you, we’ve created the following postcard images. You can download, post to social media or share as you like. We’ve created a variety of tones so you can choose from the more jovial to the more traditional. There is also an option to add in a new wedding date if you have that arranged. This insert is designed to slip in with your current invitations to prevent reprints or simply to send on its own. Do let us know if you end up using any of these postponed wedding announcements.

Also, be aware that there are tons of amazing stationers out there who are coming up with all sorts of solutions for couples who have to postpone their date. So contact your own stationery designer. If you don’t have one and have DIY’d your stationery, you can use ours. Or explore the beautiful options being shared on Instagram. Basically, you won’t be stuck for a beautiful way to tell your guests that your plans may have changed, but your wedding is still going to be ace!
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