When wedding planning, having a list of questions to ask your wedding venue is of the utmost importance indeed. In the midst of an excited post-engagement flurry, it's easy to forget a few questions here and there. But we at Rock My Wedding cannot stress how important it is to ask the venue you're touring/visiting everything you possibly can. Why? Because there's more to a venue than what it looks like. You need to think logistically, and financially, ensuring everything you want and need can be accommodated. We asked our Recommended venues to send us over questions they deem as very important to ask, and have compiled them in a handy list, just for you. And the best part? We've also got a handy downloadable copy for you to print off/take with you when you're looking at venues! Once you're finished jotting down this list, our article on questions to ask your caterer is up next. 

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue 

1.   What is included in the venue hire?

2.   What furniture do you have, and that we can use?

3.   Can I bring my own furniture?

4.   What is the parking situation/is there any parking?

5.   Where can I deliver/collect items?

6.   Can I set up the day before?

7.   Can we decorate the space?

8.   Can I bring my own caterer?

9.   Can I bring my own drinks, and do you charge corkage?

10.   Can we have confetti?

11.   Do we have to clean after the event?

12.   Have you got space for both partners to get ready?

13.   Is there a minimum number of guests?

14.   Do you have an alcohol-free drinks package?

15.   Are there any local hotels and taxi companies for non-hotel venues?

16.   Do we have a final meeting with the venue before the wedding?

17.   Can we have dogs?

18.   How many staff do we get throughout the day?

19.   How many times can we come back to view the venue after booking?

20.   Is it an option to pay extra to have extended hours?

21.   Is there a sound limit?


Fancy taking this list of questions with you on your wedding venue hunt? No worries - we have a free copy for you right here.


22.   How many guests can stay overnight?

23.   Can I use my own choice of suppliers?

24.   Do you have wifi?

25.   Do your prices include venue staff?

26.   Do you have a late license?

27.   Is the venue exclusive use?

28.   Do you offer special rates for midweek and off-peak season?

29.   How would you describe the service you provide?

30.   What can we and can we not do on the day?

31.   What ceremony area options are available for all-weather conditions?

32.   Is it legal if you get married outside?

33.   Are you able to cater for our dietary requirements?

34.   Do you have a wet weather plan?

35.   How long can we hold a date for?

36.   Is the bar cashless?

37.   Can you have fireworks?

38.   What are they payment terms?

39.   What is included as complimentary?

40.   Are there any hidden extras?

41.   Who will be my contact throughout the planning stages and will it be the same person on the day?

42.   Does the venue have electric charging points?

43.   How many bedrooms do you have on-site?

44.   Ask about ceremony options - just because they have a wedding license, doesn't mean you have to do the legal part there. You can book a celebrant, too. 

We've said it before and we'll say it again, asking your venues these questions will really help you get a sense of what the venue is like, what they offer, and whether they're right for you. Hopefully, you now feel more confident with what you'll be asking before touring some incredible venues. If you're not quite there yet, and still in the choosing-your-venue-section, then we've got some roundups that will help out. Whether you like country house venuesbarn wedding venues, or prefer quirkier venues, we've got articles on the lot. Our latest podcast episode is also all about wedding venues, so that's definitely worth a listen, too.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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