Glass house wedding venues are everywhere at the moment. And rightfully so! Beautiful, botanical, and an integral part of country houses and estates for years as somewhere to house exotic plants and entertains guests. With glorious light due to all that glass, but protection from the notorious British weather, they make the ideal place for a wedding ceremony or reception. The question is, however, where can you find these hidden gems? Well, we've got the answer for you. We've scoured the UK to find the very best wedding venues with glass houses and orangeries for you. The results are in - and might we say, they are fabulous. Also making our list are those high-end nurseries that also offer an airy, plant-filled space, but with slightly more rustic vibes. Let's get botanical! 

Anran, Devon 

Starting off strong, we've got Anran. A luxury boutique venue in the heart of Devon, this venue offers a glass house with rustic charm. The uniqueness of Anran means it is an ideal place to host the wedding of your dreams, in the venue of your dreams. Devon locals even liken the glass house to a mini "Eden Project"! Used for cultivation and propagation, it's home to a number of plants and trees. So, if you fancy yourself a wedding day nestled amongst tropical botany, Anran is the one for you. 

The Barbican Conservatory, London 

Brutalist architecture, an abundance of plants and a central London location? The Barbican Conservatory ticks a whole lot of cool-kid wedding boxes. We've featured a lot of weddings and shoots here, and it's easy to see the appeal. It looks absolutely incredible as a backdrop to your wedding photos. With a maze of walkways, stairs and tunnels surrounded by stunning flora and fauna, it's one of the best glass house wedding venues out there. 

Sefton Park Palm House, Liverpool Green House Wedding Venues 

If getting married beneath a myriad of tropical plants, palm trees and glorious fauna in a Victorian orangery sounds like heaven to you, then Sefton Park Palm House is the venue for you. A seriously beautiful place and a fantastic form of escapism, this green house is a fantastic option. The airy spaces and the gorgeous greenery are wedding decor in and within themselves, meaning whatever theme you're going for, it will look perfect here. 

Syon Park, London

The Great Conservatory at Syon Park is truly one of London's most beautiful and elegant venues. Adorned with palms, exotic flowers and trees, it's like stepping into your favourite fairytale. With a high dome, thin pillars and intricate metalwork frame filled with glass, the conservatory is extraordinary both from the inside and outside. With large windows and retractable skylights, you and your guests can enjoy the beauty of nature, rain or shine. 

Sezincote, Gloucestershire 

A rare gem of a wedding venue, that is completely unique, utterly enchanting and quite simply out of this world, the incredible Sezincote offers a space like no other. It's no surprise that Sezincote is often used as a setting for period dramas and movies. Stepping out into the grounds is really like setting foot in Downton Abbey. It's a traditional, family-run estate that covers 3,500 acres of Cotswold countryside. Now, that's a lot of acres. Sezincote is a 200-year-old Mogul Indian palace, set in the most romantic landscape. 

Kew Gardens, London Glass House Wedding Venues

A fantastic choice from the array of London glass house wedding venues, Recommended venue Kew Gardens is next. This venue is an incredibly dreamy place to hold your wedding celebrations. No matter what time of year you decide to tie the knot, you can be guaranteed that Kew will be looking beautiful. From enchanting gardens to iconic Grade-listed buildings; weddings at Kew Gardens are designed to create the most unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We promise Kew! 

Bridwell, Devon

If you want to escape London and head for the rolling countryside of the South West, then Bridwell is the venue for you. The orangery offers a light and spacious location for your ceremony. The French doors opening onto the beautiful gardens are a sight to behold and are approached under a long pergola, fragrantly scented with wisteria and honeysuckle in the flowering season. Now, look me in the eye and tell me that doesn't sound like it was taken straight from the most romantic novel you've ever read. 

The Port Eliot Estate, Cornwall 

The Port Eliot Estate is a magical place with a decadent and fabulous history. With a vibe of relaxed elegance, this venue is known for its stunning gardens and park. Whether you prefer a small and intimate party or a large, traditional wedding, all can be catered for here. And however big your party, whatever theme you choose and whatever the weather, The Port Eliot Estate is a fantastic choice if you like your beautiful locations, marquees, boat houses and magnificent views. And let's be honest, who doesn't? 

Crom Castle, Northern IRELAND

Another incredible historic venue, Crom Castle boasts woodland and a lake, as well as gorgeous architecture. Built in the 17th century, this venue offers an incredibly tranquil landscape of islands, woodland and historic ruins. If you're a fan of history as well as beautiful, natural surroundings, then Crom Castle might just be the one for you. Besides that - it's also a haven for a wealth of wildlife. Find yourself immersed in the glory of Northern Irish nature. 

The Horniman Museum, London Glass House Wedding Venues

Atmospheric and exceptional, we have The Horniman Museum. This museum has a variety of excellent spaces to choose from, including the conservatory. And might we add - WHAT a venue! The elegant Victorian Conservatory stands on a chic terrace and allows guests to enjoy the Horniman's award-winning gardens. Have you had a vision of your wedding being filled with light, laughter, love, plants and elegance? Well, this venue will help make that dream a reality. Its breathtaking interior and surroundings are what make it so unique - honestly, it's a must-see. 

The Secret Herb Garden, Edinburgh 

The Secret Herb Garden is nestled at the foot of the Pentland Hills, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Now, here's a little brain teaser for you. Can you imagine an outdoor Scottish wedding venue, where the wet weather plan is equally as beautiful as the outdoor option? Well, there's no need to imagine it, because it's all possible at The Secret Herb Garden. With an air of beauty, elegance and natural charm, this glass house venue is a fantastic choice.

Clifton Nurseries, London

Whether you're a horticultural expert or not, Clifton Nurseries is a perfect choice for an alternative London wedding venue. With an abundance of natural light, dramatic painting, and fantastic fauna, Clifton Nurseries provides a gorgeous backdrop to every picture. The glass house is filled to the brim with foliage and exotic flowers. Not only that, there are lots of stylish indoor plants and beautiful ceramic containers. If you want to escape the city buzz without actually escaping the city, then you've found your venue here. 

Petersham Nurseries, London glass house wedding venues 

Instagram's favourite garden centre! Petersham Nurseries is another stunning green house space. This venue is truly a place of calm, in tune with nature and positive living. It really is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city. An elegant, botanical and calming venue all around! Sometimes, it's easy to feel like London hasn't got a lot of nature to offer. But places like Petersham Nurseries prove this theory wrong, and swiftly. 

Plas Dinam Country House

Next up, we've got Recommended venue Plas Dinam Country House. An exclusive-use country house with an orangery and glass house, Plas Dinam works as the most beautiful backdrop to any wedding. The whole venue is bursting with vibrancy, elegance and romance. It has high ceilings, breathtaking views, and allows for lots of light to seep through those incredible windows. Have the most beautiful ceremony followed by a fabulous party into the night - all in one place! Plas Dinam is a Recommended supplier for a reason - because we couldn't recommend it more. 

Our Beautiful Glasshouse 

Our Beautiful Glasshouse is very aptly named. By that, we mean - it's just insanely beautiful. This incredibly picturesque, family-run wedding venue is filled with endless natural light, and romance oozes out of every corner. Also found in every corner are seasonal blooms, the stunning sounds of nature, and unique, quirky charm. Having been recently renovated, the glass house brings a rustic, boho flare - with a modern twist. Tailored more for intimate weddings, this venue is the perfect choice for any couple who wants to celebrate their love amidst the sights and sounds of nature. 

Garthmyl Hall, Shropshire 

To round off our glass house wedding venues round up, we've got Recommended venue Garthmyl Hall. Do you want a totally unique, luxury wedding nestled in the exquisite Welsh countryside? No, you're right, that's a silly question. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by incredible nature and wildlife, warm, natural light, and spectacular views? With removable panoramic sides allowing for a more natural dining experience paired with an incredible summer gazebo and a fantastic cellar bar, there is just so much to love at Garthmyl Hall.


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Whew, what a roundup. Wherever you find yourself in the UK, hopefully, this article is proof that there are stunning glass house wedding venues all over. If you're a fan of the nature side of life, then one of these venues might be perfect for you. Once you've whittled down your venue choices, the next step is getting your questions for you. Luckily, we've made that super easy - with our article and printable list of questions to ask your wedding venue

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