If you want multiple dresses on your big day, let this wedding serve as your inspiration - because Cristina sported a stunning white dress with a red ombre veil, as well as the most fabulous red lace wedding dress ever, from Recommended supplier TH&TH Bridesmaids. Now that's what we call an outfit change. She and her husband James were wed in the gorgeous autumnal grounds of The Orangery Maidstone - and it is truly a sight for sore eyes. Especially if those eyes have been needing some red goodness... Because trust us; there is a LOT of red incoming. Recommended supplier Jessica Bevan Photography and Recommended supplier Emmanuel Films captured the essence of this breathtaking Chinese Tea ceremony marvelously - it's a gift! Speaking of gorgeous gifts, Cristina & James also used Recommended gift list Prezola.

A red lace wedding dress, a red ombre veil, red bridesmaid dresses, red stationery... It's a whole lotta red!

One of my very good friends once told me that your wedding day is a day when you have all your favourite people in one room. I really held onto that for the day. My parents and my twin brother don't live in the country, so my friends have always been my family. They were my go-to in my wedding planning. Thankfully my family managed to fly over to attend with the dreaded 'C' restriction relaxed. We honoured those who couldn't be here with photos and candles. My cat Luna as a wedding cake topper was the cherry on top of the... Well, cake! 

Cristina & James

Red Lace Wedding Dress

We at Rock My Wedding love a mid-wedding outfit change. So when we saw Cristina's transition from one gorgeous white wedding dress to a stunning red one, our jaws were on the floor. They might still be there actually - I should go and check. Anywho; we are obsessed. The truly remarkable red lace gown emanated an air of vintage sophistication like no tomorrow. With its floor-length design, this exquisite ensemble showcases TH&TH's renowned deep V-back, accentuated by delicate scalloped lace edging. The red ombre veil offers a perfect transition piece between the two dresses. Her ensemble from start to finish is like a work of art.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Cristina & James decided to opt for a Chinese Tea Ceremony. This is an ancient and revered tradition that holds great cultural significance. Founded with the principles of harmony, respect, and mindfulness in mind, this ceremonial practice celebrates the art of tea preparation, presentation, and appreciation. As shown in the photos, Cristina & James had their Chinese Tea in gorgeous red tea cups. Each step in the ceremony is performed with grace and precision, from selecting the finest tea leaves to the careful brewing process. The Chinese Tea Ceremony serves as a symbol of hospitality, tranquility, and friendship.

A Chinese Tea Ceremony filled to the brim with red decor, pampas grass, incredible wedding dresses and halterneck bridesmaid dresses

James and I are both digital product designers. So we pretty much designed all the stationery, website, decor and activities for the day. My favourite colour is RED! It brought me so much joy. It's also a core colour behind a Chinese wedding. I know that I didn't want my heritage/background to be lost in a traditional British wedding so I incorporated it in my bridesmaid dresses, stationery, flowers, and my surprise evening red dress.

Cristina & James

Do we even need to say it? OBSESSED. Through and through. Filled with tradition, love, and a whole lot of red (not sure we'll ever get over that red lace wedding dress), this wedding is just incredible from start to finish. If you fancy yourself a dress (or two) like Cristina's, but you're not sure how much it'll cost, don't fret. Our article detailing how much wedding dresses cost will help. Planning a wedding as gorgeous as this takes some planning - and a few spreadsheets here and there. Our downloadable PDF wedding budget spreadsheet will help there, too! Gosh, helpful, aren't we?

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photography: Jessica Bevan Photography | Venue: The Orangery Maidstone | Videography: Emmanuel Films | Gift List: Prezola | Florist: Vinetta Flower Gallery | Cake Maker: Boothy Bakes Cakes | Hair Stylist: Sarah Louise Bridal Hair | Makeup Artist: Holly O'Connor Makeup Artist | Bridal Outfit : TH&TH Bridesmaids | Bridal Outfit: Felicity Westmacott, White Rose Bridal | Bridal Boutique : Blessing Bridal Brighton | Bridesmaids Outfits: Victoria Lou Bridal | Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

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