So, you have the suit ready and now it’s time to iron out the finer details. No, we don’t mean the wrinkles on your shirt. We’re here to dive into all the groom accessories! Get ready to pick out your groom shoes, buttonhole, pocket square, jewellery, hats, and more. But don’t worry, if you’re not this far ahead yet, and you’re still deciding on a suit, take a look at our guide to groomswear with all the info you need on different collars, cuffs, and lapels. Plus, we have some stylish suit ideas we’re loving right now. But getting back to the topic at hand, let’s look at these 44 groom accessories…

Our guide to groom accessories with inspiration from our stylish grooms!

Groom Shoes

Now if Elvis could write a whole song about the importance of his blue suede shoes and Cinderella gets a whole fairytale about her glass slippers, it's safe to say that shoes are very important in completing your wedding look. So if you're after something shiny, suede, matte, or whatever feels right. Whilst you might feel like you have to go business in the front with your suit, you can definitely do party at the bottom (with some red bottoms, perhaps?) and choose something a little different for your footwear.

Groom Buttonhole/Boutonnière

The buttonhole is what makes your suit a wedding suit (in our humble opinion, anyway). Whether you choose a buttonhole with florals that match the vibe of your wedding day and the rest of your wedding flowers or you choose something completely different to make you stand out, we're so here for it. Take a look at some of our fave buttonholes from our real grooms below.

Groom Hats

A fan of hats? Want to hide your hair? Or just want to jazz up your look? Then go for a groom hat. If you fancy a bowler hat, a fedora hat, a straw hat, or even a cowboy hat you can see all our grooms and groomsmen pull them off so well! Without the hats, the grooms still all look very dashing but they look even better with them on!

Pocket Squares

If you're not a hat person, focus on the other details like the pocket square. Out of all the groom accessories here, the pocket square might be the most simple. Take fabric that matches the bridesmaid dresses, a piece of fabric in the same colour as the flowers or your tie. Maybe you and the groomsmen or your whole I Do Crew (we're all for mixed-gender wedding parties) are in a different colour scheme entirely. Have some fun with it and show off your personality! Go mismatched, have a cartoon of your beloved pet, or get it embroidered with a personalised message (a great gift idea for any of you best men reading this!).

Groom Ties & Bow Ties

Add a personal touch to your wedding look with your ties! Add a customised tie clip with your initials, your partner's initials, and/or the date of your day. If you fancy something even more personal that is guaranteed to be a tear-jerker, stitch or glue a meaningful picture to the tie with an intimate note from a loved one or to a loved one if this is a gift idea. Plus, go crazy with your ties or bow ties! Add some pattern or colour to your suit. Personally, we're big fans of floral ties!

Other Groom Accessories

Your hair and beard are basically an accessory to your outfit, too. Don't underestimate the power of some good grooming (excuse the pun) and maintenance. But, it's really the finishing touches that complete the look. Whether you go for some funky socks to show off your personality and style, embroidery on your underwear, some personalised and sentimental cufflinks or pocket watches, and other jewellery, it all adds up to create THE final masterpiece.

In our opinion, the more personalised your groom accessories are, the better!

Suited & Booted

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Got your groom accessories together? Amazing. Now that you have your outfit sorted, you better get on with that wedding speech. Don't worry, we have all the tips and tricks to help you feel cool, calm, and collected (you'll look it too if you've taken our advice). Another thing you might like are wedding sunglasses! But we have a whole article dedicated to the accessory you never knew you needed.

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