Happy Sunday lovelies. I hope you’ve squeezed lots of lovely planning in this weekend! Today, I wanted to share some of the first plans that we made for our big day when we touched back down in the UK (in case you missed it, read our American road trip proposal here).

The Date

The timing of our big day was mainly decided for us; Dean works in Formula 1 which means we are tied to a two-week shutdown in August that generally falls within a three-week window. We got the wedding booked up at the beginning of the three-week period (28th July to be precise) and earmarked the rest for honeymoon adventures. We love to travel, so an extended honeymoon was a really big deal for us, and we knew that if we didn’t head off into the sunset straight away we would have to wait another year for the next shutdown to get two+ weeks off. Don’t worry, I will definitely be revisiting honeymoon plans in its very own post soon... Despite settling on a summer month, I am still convinced that the heavens might open on the day (damn British weather). All of my nearest and dearest that have wed in the summer months have been blessed with idyllic weather on their big days, so I am convinced the luck has to run out somewhere. But I’m going to be prepared - as the planning develops I constantly have wet weather plans in the back of my mind (#TeamParanoid). Particularly because the rain wouldn’t be entirely ideal with our chosen venue...

The Venue

As soon as we got engaged, there were some key details that we knew our big day would revolve around. I’ve always intrinsically known that I wanted to get married in the village where I grew up. The local church is where my grandparents, parents and brother and sister-in-law have all married, and luckily Dean was as keen as I to join the family tradition. My parents have a farm in the same village, so the reception venue was a done deal as well. I know that we were really luck to have a ready-made venue, particularly in light of our date restrictions. So a marquee wedding in the countryside it is... Navy & Raspberry Wedding Colour Palette With Foliage and Gold Accents

Colours & Styling

Despite the rural and rustic location, we will be taking the blank canvas of the marquee and sprinkling it with a touch of glamour. Greedily I couldn’t settle on just one colour so have gone for a whole colour palette...a combination of raspberry and gold, paired with colour popping green and blue. It might sound more like it has an autumnal vibe, but whilst doing some serious Pinterest searching I came across lots of ‘summer berry’ inspiration, so turns out it’s perfect for July (though I have craftily added blue into the palette myself to tie-in our plans for the boys’ suits). So that’s some of my initial planning – what stage are you at with yours? Any fellow summer 2017 brides out there? Would love to hear about your venue choices and colour palettes. Lots of wedding love, Emma {Year of the Yes}

Rawnet Rawneter

Written by Rawnet Rawneter

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