Kim and Oh had a magnificent wedding in Seoul, South Korea. But before the big day, they arranged a trip to Seville and had Asun from Click and Rec! join them to take some photos. The results are truly romantic. From the plaza orange groves in the background to the couple both wearing complementary suits at the end. If you're reading this for inspiration because you're newly engaged, you may want to check out our 12 month wedding checklist to find out when the perfect time to have a pre-wedding shoot is.

 Romantic engagement shoot in Seville.

Our photographer Asun treated us like her friends and this was a great help to us who are awkward with photography, especially couple shoots.

Kim & Oh

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You'd be forgiven if you've now decided to cancel the rest of your day to go city strolling with your love. Kim and Oh had planned to surprise their wedding guests with these images of their trip as part of their big day. There is something eternally romantic about a couple exploring a European city together.

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

Photographer: Click and Rec!
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