Zehra and Rupi have fought many battles pre and post-Covid before holding their Islam and Sikh interfaith wedding. Referring to themselves as peanut butter and jelly (two items that shouldn't work together, but do!) They are a beautiful reminder that love is love and it will always win. Also, they look incredible in a mint sari and beige suit. Talk about outfit goals! 

Intimate Islam and Sikh interfaith wedding with mint sari and beige suit.

Pre-covid our plan was to have our civil ceremony at York House to celebrate with our friends and family followed by our reception in Morocco. We originally wanted to wear the traditional white dress and suit which we changed due to Covid

Zehra & Rupi


Post-Covid we decided we wanted to have a very understated registry ceremony to make it very personal and for it to be a reflection of us and our culture. It was beautiful and intimate! We had to restructure and adjust our registry to abide by the ever-changing rules and by the time of our rearranged ceremony date we were only able to have our immediate family attend.


Our wedding was the coming together of two different faiths, something that is very rarely seen, even in this day and age. Rupi (groom) is Sikh and Zehra (Bride) is Muslim. Both religions hold strong cultural differences and similarities but marriages between the two faiths are rare. Our Wedding allowed us to celebrate love in a world full of uncertainty and we are grateful to be married.

Love wins. Always.

Despite our instant and ongoing connection, we fought our feelings and tried to be friends because we came from different religions. But, ultimately we couldn’t deny our connection and took a leap in faith and haven’t looked back since. We are following our hearts and fighting prejudice along the way.

Zehra & Rupi

Rock My Wedding celebrate all marriage unions, all religions, all cultures, and all visions of what a “wedding” is. Be that a beautiful Islam and Sikh interfaith wedding like Zehra and Rupi or a sci-fi inspired wedding like Charlene and Eoin. We're here for it! 

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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