Nimi & Hugh celebrated their love with TWO incredible weddings, one English, one Indian, at Templars Barn. The weddings were in May and August, so they had time to share the love! Nimi actually found her wedding inspiration in our Mustard and Orange Wedding Inspiration article. The creative use of colours resonated with her, and she embraced the same concept for her own weddings. Nimi & Hugh celebrated two distinct ceremonies – a traditional English wedding and a lively Indian celebration brimming with brilliant dancing and merriment. Both occasions exuded vibrancy, an array of colours, some sensational floral displays, and heartfelt emotions. Talk about double trouble!

Templars Barn wedding with colourful mismatched bridesmaid dresses 

We actually had two wedding days. They were both so different and unique, but both were full of colour, food, music, and love. Our first wedding, at the beginning of summer, was a fairly traditional English wedding. We had our ceremony at Shaw House which was followed by a reception in a farmer's barn and fields in the countryside at Templars Barn. The second wedding, at the end of summer, was a Sikh ceremony at the Gurdwara followed by a reception at Syon Park Hilton Hotel. We had a tying the knot ceremony at the first wedding, which was conducted by the Grooms brother. The Anand Karaj (Sikh ceremony) was also very moving and spiritual. Both wedding receptions had delicious food, wine and lots of dancing!

Nimi & Hugh

Templars Barn wedding

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of South East England, Templars Barn stands as a captivating wedding venue that marries rustic charm with modern elegance. This idyllic setting offers couples a unique and enchanting space to exchange their vows. The barn's timeless architecture, with its exposed wooden beams and stonework, provides a warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for celebrating love and commitment. Nimi & Hugh certainly chose the right wedding venue for their ceremony. After originally finding inspiration from one of our articles, the couple desired to infuse both weddings with as much vibrancy and color as possible. The vivid and eye-catching colour palette worked perfectly with the more rustic energy of the barn, creating a stunning juxtaposition. And if you know us, you know we LOVE juxtaposition. Maybe it's because we love the word juxtaposition. That's juxt-an-idea, though. The surrounding countryside added to the wedding's allure, creating a backdrop that was both serene and breathtaking. With its blend of natural beauty and historic character, Templars Barn captures the essence of a romantic and unforgettable wedding experience.

English and Indian weddings

As aforementioned, the couples opted to have two wedding days instead of just one. They wanted to intertwine both of their cultures into their special day. And what better way of doing that than having one day for an English ceremony, and another day for an Indian one? Embarking on a splendid two-ceremony-celebration, Nimi & Hugh's love story unfolded through a harmonious fusion of cultures and traditions. The charm took a distinctly English turn at the first wedding. Nimi & Hugh embraced the grace and elegance of a traditional English wedding. The second wedding at Templars Barn was equally stunning. Elaborate henna designs adorned Nimi's hands to go along with her traditional red lehenga, and the groom sported a traditional sherwani. Dance and music weaved together to create an atmosphere of joyous celebration, uniting their families and friends in a grand spectacle. The band at the first wedding played soul and funk, and DJ Shraii got the party started at the Indian wedding! They also had dhol players accompanying him, which added so much energy. It's safe to say that this celebration was not something anybody would want to miss. EVER!

The sheer overlay wedding dress to the traditional red wedding lehenga is an outfit change we LOVE to see!

Really think about the vision before you get started but do not think you need it completely sorted before you start planning. Choose your venue and date first, the rest will all fall into place. Pick the 3 most important things to you, and let those be the elements of the wedding you spend a bit of money on. Do not worry about anyone else, they are there to celebrate you! Enjoy every second, it’s a magical time!

Nimi & Hugh

So nice, we'll have to see it twice. By it, we mean this fantastic double whammy of weddings at Templars Barn, of course. Weddings as stunning and extravagant as these certainly need a lot of planning. That being said, things left until the last minute are definitely not unheard of. If you're wondering what you should be doing 2 weeks before your wedding, our article on last-minute wedding preparations is for you. The flower girls at this wedding... Cute doesn't even begin to describe them. If you're seeking ways to entertain kids at weddings, we've got you covered.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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