As we've no doubt mentioned, booking your venue is a key part of your wedding planning journey. It should be one of the first things you write into your wedding checklist. This is made a little bit confusing, however, when you don't know what all the different types of wedding venues are. Even if you do know them all, choosing from the plethora of options can be tricky. Well, that's why we're here! To make the process just that little bit easier. We're going to be going over the most popular wedding venues that you can book for your big day. 

All the most popular types of wedding venues for your big day - from barns to the beach!


Barn wedding venues are perfect for a more rustic, boho wedding. Surrounded by rolling fields and incredible countryside whilst also being home to warm, inviting atmospheres. Barns offer a lot of space and even more character. With rustic beams, original features, great places for lighting and photos and special touches, barns are a fan favourite for a reason. If you want a unique, charming setting for your wedding that offers picturesque locations, incredible photos, lots of space for you and your guests and creativity to craft your dream day, then a barn venue is a great option. 


We probably don't need to convince you much when it comes to beach weddings. A romantic ambience surrounded by sea, sun and sand is a winner for most people. On a beach, couples can begin their life together in a beautiful place, with an ocean backdrop, and a gentle sea breeze. The calm, peaceful atmosphere is always on hand to calm your nerves on the day. It also means that people can opt for slightly more comfortable outfits and shoes - no one wants to try walking down the sandy aisle in stilettos. Your wedding photographs will look out of this world beautiful, and will make perfect portraits in your home. Not only that - the decor is practically included, and you can personalise the aesthetic to your taste. 

Castle - types of wedding venues 

Ever wanted to feel like royalty on your big day? Well, choosing a castle wedding venue is the way to go. Maybe you're not one for royalty, but you've always wanted to step inside your favourite period drama? Castle venues are perfect for that too. Castles are perfect if you want a lot of guests because there's an abundance of space on offer. Not only that, they are staggeringly beautiful, steeped in history, they are often exclusive-use, and guarantee some truly incredible wedding photos. Fulfilling your childhood dream is made a lot easier when having a castle venue wedding.

Houses of worship

Next up, we've got houses of worship. By this, we mean temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churches, monasteries, or any other place of public religious worship of any religious denomination. Going with a house of worship, whichever you choose, will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage. These venues are perfect if you're religious, and they will set the tone for the rest of your marriage beautifully. Even if you're not religious; you can still choose some houses of worship. Churches are very special places to hold your ceremony - and don't just take it from us. They have been the most popular choice for centuries.

Country House

Country house wedding venues are next. Allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for some relaxing and idyllic days away, country houses are a fabulous choice. Country houses are gorgeous, down-to-earth, and glamorous, and offer a great sense of seclusion and privacy. They are great for accommodating both intimate weddings and larger celebrations perfectly. Offering you glamour and style, country houses allow you to embrace the beauty of its interiors and exteriors, as well as the thoroughly romantic atmosphere that will no doubt be felt every single minute that you're there. 

Destination venues - types of wedding venues

Ah, destination weddings. It goes without saying that a lot of people want to go away for their big day. If you have the means to do so, and you tell people far enough in advance so that they can book time off, then they're a fantastic option. Destination weddings allow you to escape for a while to a beautiful country, sometimes with better weather and different cultures. Destination weddings mean you can marry the love of your life in a city or country that means the most to you, and it also means you can spend quality time with the people you love the most, because people often take more days off for travel for destination weddings. 

Garden venues

Garden wedding venues provide effortlessly picturesque backdrops that can minimise the need for loads of additional styling elements or decorations. By that, we mean the landscape will do the majority of the decorating for you. Those little extra touches of nature aside from the beautiful garden you choose, like birds chirping, the slow blow of the wind or the dancing leaves. Gardens offer wider space for you and your guests, more photoshoot options, and endless entertainment opportunities. They also offer versatility when it comes to your wedding theme.


Glasshouse wedding venues are everywhere at the moment, and rightfully so. They're beautiful, natural, botanical and home to exotic plants, amongst many other wonderful things. The lighting is always exceptional because of the glass windows, ceilings and walls, but they also offer protection from notorious British weather. If you are a fan of glorious nature, then glasshouse venues are a great choice for you. If you're also a fan of light, bright spaces, tropical botany, insane backdrops for your photos and wowing your guests, then they're an even better choice.


Calling all history buffs. Being able to reflect your personality and interests in your wedding venue is really a beautiful thing. So, if you love history, or just love the aesthetics of historic buildings, then it's a fabulous choice of venue. Regal, unique, incredible photo opportunities and just tremendously beautiful, historic wedding venues are a fan favourite. Losing yourself in another time and place is not only brilliant fun, but it also means your wedding day will feel like a fabulous dream, for you and your guests alike. 


When you choose to have your wedding at a hotel, you don't only get a truly stunning place to celebrate with your loved ones. There are bountiful benefits. Every hotel is different, of course - but most of them include amenities and services, like fooddrinks, tables, staff, linens, guest accommodations, in-house planners, and more. They often have licensed space for your ceremony, and they're also usually very experienced in hosting events. Another benefit of a hotel venue? Accommodation! Whilst not all venues can have your guests stay the night, hotels usually can. 


Outdoor lovers - this one's for you. Marquee wedding venues allow you and your guests to revel in the beauty of the great outdoors whilst also having some protection from any kind of weather. Marquees are also a perfect blank canvas type of venue - you can decorate them entirely how you want, meaning that your personalities, interests and themes can really shine through. Marquees can accommodate larger numbers of guests, too. Meaning that your guest list won't be as restricted. 


If you and your partner have been dreaming of tying the knot in a relaxed setting with great, traditional food and a smaller number of your loved ones, then you should consider a pub wedding venue. An old English pub is a perfect backdrop for more laidback couples. They also offer cheaper hire prices, and very edgy, cool photo opportunities. Personal, comfortable, alternative, warm and friendly - these are just a few ways one would describe a pub wedding venue. 

Town Hall

Town hall wedding venues are not only super functional for your big day, but they also offer a beautiful, chic and elegant backdrop. Whether it's a historical gem or city splendour, town halls often have a wonderful history and can be found in so many different places across the UK. These licensed spaces offer stripped-back elegance for you to tie the knot - and who doesn't love a bit of opulence? Whether you go for a central city Town Hall in London, or a more tucked-away Town Hall in your hometown, your venue will look glorious. 


Our final tally on the list of types of wedding venues is woodlands. Again, these kinds of venues are perfect for lovers of the outdoors. Woodland wedding venues create a beyond-enchanting and beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. Tying the knot surrounded by woodland trees is a magical way to celebrate your union. Not only do these venues offer a sense of seclusion and privacy, they also allow you to decorate how you want. Perfect for boho weddings and for people who want to feel closer to nature on their big day, woodland venues are straight out of a fairytale. 

Barn venues, hotel venues, country house venues and more... All in one handy list! 

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So there we have it - all of the most popular types of wedding venues at the moment. Planning your wedding is going to be one of the most glorious experiences, and lists like these will definitely help you out when it comes to venue hunting. Speaking of planning - if you've just started, and you're looking for ways to save on your wedding, then our article on just that will be bountiful. And if you've been wondering how far in advance you should book your venue, we've got lots of information on that, too.

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