Once you've managed to whittle down your guest list, sent out invites, received your RSVPs, and come up with a final seating plan, you can move on to more fun the table plan! Table plans are a really great way to continue your theme and inject some fun into your décor. To help you come up with some ideas, we've rounded up our 10 favourite table plan ideas for your wedding day. Do share your table plan ideas in the comments box below the post, we're always on the look out for different and unusual ideas.


These window frames make a gorgeous display. Try searching local scrap yards, eBay, Freecycle, even keep your eyes open for a skip – you never now what you might find while foraging! Then, just a simple glass paint pen is all you need to make it look pretty. If you're not a fan of your own handwriting, ask a friend who has a neater script than you to help out. Image by Mister Phill


Blackboards at weddings aren't going anywhere and truth be told, we're happy about that because we LOVE them! You can essentially create your own blackboard using any frame you like and some blackboard paint. You can see this table plan in action at the gorgeous tipi wedding of Emily & Brandon. Again, if you're worried about handwriting, ask a friend to help you out. Image by Guy Collier


A great choice for making something personal – name your tables after places that are special to you as a couple, and mark them on the map using pins. This idea is really versatile as there are lots of different map aesthetics out there, You can go down the vintage route, or use a sailing map for a beach wedding. What about about a map of the London tube system? A map of the world by oceans? A map of your home county? A map of the solar system? The possibilities are endless. This gorgeous example comes from the chic barn wedding of Jodie & Dan. Image by S6 Photography


This is one of my personal favourites, an old door, painted yellow with simple card print-outs glued to it. You can easily personalise the door to match your colour scheme and stationery, like at this relaxed pub wedding. Image by David Long Photography


This one is pretty epic to be honest. The dresser itself is beautiful and has been covered in over 100 laser-cut named and numbered chairs with the request ‘please take your seat.' A lot of trouble yes, but so worth the effort. You can see it in more detail here on Rock My Wedding and I promise you won't regret looking at the whole delicious wedding! Image by Juliet McKee Photography


This particular idea is fun because it reminds me of those needle-less sewing boards we used to play with as kids. Plus, I do like a challenge and this seating plan makes you work for your dinner! Handmade by the Bride, as were lots of the details from this fun DIY wedding. Image by Anna Clarke Photography


A easier option to put together is this crate and picture frame display - perfect for a rustic wedding. I love how the names have been attached with mini pegs and each crate represents one table. The addition of single stems in pretty vases, candle holders, and the framed 'take your seats' sign makes it a lovely looking display. You can find lots of things that would help you create this display at The Wedding Of My Dreams. Image by Nigel Edgecombe

Potted Plants

Such a lovely idea for a summer wedding, and a fun project for you or for a green-fingered friend or family member - potted plants just always look so beautiful. You could also give the potted plants to the Mum's and older family members as gifts after the wedding. Or just keep them for your own garden :) These two images both come from summer marquee weddings, but they are very different in style - one is colourful and slightly bohemian, the other is elegant and uses pastel tones - but both are equally as beautiful. Images by Especially Amy & Kari Bellamy


Ok - this idea is genius. We'd never seen a beehive used as a table plan before we came across this wedding - but we loved it. It remains to this day one of the most inventive table plan ideas we've encountered!! Image by Kraan Photography


We created this table plan for the first issue of our magazine. Very striking, but very simple to create and again, to personalise to fit your scheme - it could be hung indoors, as well as from a tree. Image by Touch Photography Have you been inspired by any of the ideas above? Lots of love, Fern

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