Once you've whittled down your guest list, sent out invites, received your RSVPs, and come up with a final seating plan, you can move on to more fun the table plan! Table plans are a really great way to continue your theme and inject some fun into your décor. To help you come up with some ideas, we've rounded up our 10 favourite table plan ideas for your wedding day. We know you'll find some great inspiration here with everything from mirrors, maps, ladders, windows, and DIY ideas.

Rustic, boho, industrial or luxury, there will be a table plan idea for your theme right here!

Window Table Plan

Window frames make a gorgeous display. This is an excellent idea if you're on a budget and looking for more of a sustainable option. Upcycle an old window, which you might find online, at scrap sales and in other similar places. Then, just a simple glass paint pen is all you need to make it look pretty with some calligraphy and whatever designs you please. If you're not a fan of your own handwriting, ask a friend who has a neater script than you to help out!

Chalk Board Table Plan

Chalkboard table plans aren't going anywhere and truth be told, we're happy about that because we LOVE them! You can easily create your own blackboard using any frame and some blackboard paint. If you're not into arts and crafts then ask a friend to help you out and make a day out of doing DIY and you'll be laughing together in no time. Luckily, chalk can be erased! If you're worried about making a mistake, this is a good option for you.

Map Table Plans

Looking for a more personal option? Name your tables after places that are special to you as a couple, and mark them on the map using pins. This idea is really versatile as there are lots of different map aesthetics out there. You can go down the vintage route, or use a sailing map for a beach wedding. What about a map of the London underground? A map of the world by oceans? Your home county? A map of the solar system? Or even go the fantasy route and use the Marauder's map from Harry Potter! The possibilities are endless.

Mirror Table Plan Ideas

Mirrors are a fabulous choice if you're having more of a luxe wedding. Most of these mirrors have a vintage-style gold frame, which adds that glamorous feeling. Unlike some other table plans or seating chart ideas, which aren't outdoor-friendly, mirrors make a good option if you're having an outdoor wedding breakfast. Think destination wedding or summer country house vibes.

Hoop Table Plan

Hoop table plans are a popular choice if you're going to be DIY'ing your seating chart. We even already have an article on how to create your own hoop table plan. Using spray paint, you can make the hoop any colour you want and then use ribbon, string, or wire to hold up each individual table card. The circular shape makes for a cool look and its simplicity make hoops a popular choice for a variety of different style of weddings.

Rustic Table Plans

Wooden pallets with added flowers and foliage or fairy lights all give off those rustic vibes. The stripped-back simplicity of a rustic table plan ensures that, while still looking pretty, the focus remains on your stunning wedding breakfast decor. Again, because of their simplicity, these can often be an easy table plan choice if you're going to attempt DIY.



What's the first thing you think of when seeing a stepladder? If you answered Daphne & Simon from Bridgerton, you are correct! Ladders are something we're seeing a sharp rise in for those rustic vibes that go perfectly with the popular barn wedding venue. Not only is this another easy option to DIY, but it looks so good! You can decorate the ladder with lots of other cute bits and pieces. Whether it's tiny plants, flowers, family photos or candles, you can dress a ladder up to look the part for your wedding day, just take a look at the images from real weddings below! 

Photo Frames

Another popular choice is a more simple option with less work involved in making it look good. Choosing a plain or colourful photo frame is an easy way to display your table plan. Because of the variety of choices available to you when choosing a photo frame, this table plan goes with any kind of wedding!

Acrylic Table Plans

Unfortunately, this idea is less easy to DIY than the other options, but it could still be attempted. These look classy, while also being a bit understated depending on if you're going for a clear acrylic or frosted option. Either way, these acrylic signs with white calligraphy look so elegant.

DIY Table Plans or Unique Ideas

In this section, we're including some more DIY ideas and some more unusual table plan ideas you don't see every day. Just in case none of the ideas above were for you, here are a few more unique ideas.  No matter your theme or style one of these might work for you.

Who's sitting where? It won't matter if your table plan is as incredible as these!

So, hopefully, these table plan ideas have helped you decide on what you want for your wedding. But, if not then we have the best news...We have ten more stylish table plan ideas. You might still be deciding on the seating arrangements and if that's the case, we have the ultimate guide for seating your guests.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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