It’s time to put together the seating plan for your big day.

Do you seat all your friends together or do you mix it up? How about having a seating plan for your ceremony? And what do you do if someone doesn’t turn up? If you’re chasing guests for RSVPs we talk about how to collate them and how to get organised.  And where do you sit your single friends? We also share some digital seating planners to help you create a visual of your set up.

We know it can be tricky business deciding where your loved ones should sit especially when it comes to separated families but fear not, we tackle that as well. 

And then there is the visual aspect of the seating plan. What’s trending? How can you make the most of your table plan as a feature of your day. We tell all!

We cover all the bases when it comes to organising the seating plan for your wedding so you can put it together without losing your sh*t. Wine helps.

Drink responsibly.


Table Plan

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Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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