When it comes to sourcing items for your wedding day, it feels like more and more people are conscious of where things actually come from. Opting for local suppliers, serving locally sourced food, using seasonal flowers - these are all things we can do to help ensure our wedding day celebrations deliver a smaller carbon footprint. But what about the dress? Well if you're looking for someone who can deliver on the environmental credentials, then look no further than Claire L. Headdon. And not only are her dresses pleasingly sourced and made from fair trade silks, but they are beautiful too. There's absolutely zero compromise on style, in fact it's the opposite. These dresses are some of the most elegant and chic bridal gowns I've seen. Here's a peak at the collection, enjoy lovelies!

The Dresses

The Team Behind The Shoot: The Organic Bridal Collection from Claire L Headdon is created using only sumptuous organic and fair trade silks, making it feel even more divine to wear. Made easily interchangeable, there is a selection of separates to create your own eco-friendly and bespoke bridal look, all handmade by the coast in beautiful Cornwall, England.

The Photography

Olivia Bossert: I’m so lucky to be able to work with such talented, young, and also, environmentally conscious designers like Claire. We’ve been friends for a couple of years now, and it’s been wonderful to see how her business has grown from strength to strength. Being asked to photograph Claire’s new collection was pretty much my dream come true. I shot most of these images on 35mm film, mainly to add to the organic feel of the dresses. Film retains such a tactile quality to it, it’s hard to describe it, other than: magical.

The Fabrics

Lancaster & Cornish: In the pursuit of natural colour, I work with natural dyes, foraged and gathered where possible from the beautiful Cornish countryside that surrounds me. Our palette of colours, developed in my Cornwall Studio, evolves with and responds to the seasons. However I am also a pragmatist, keen to see natural dyes embraced more in to the mainstream fashion world, so I also use of extracts and ground plant matter in our commercial work, mindful of our clients desire for repeatable colours. Making and dyeing by hand allows us to forge a connection to nature and to the client, creating meaningful pieces that may be passed from generation to generation.

The Jewellery

Grace Baskerville: In a world of fast fashion Grace Baskerville Jewellery is nurturing a more heartfelt slow grown approach. Working with seaglass I beachcomb from Cornish beaches, solid rose gold, natural gemstones and textured shimmering silver, allows me to bring you unique jewellery with a connection, soul and a journey. Each piece of seaglass is completely unique and in it's natural form, straight from the ocean. In my Falmouth studio, I select only the best pieces to make into unique jewellery for you. When you wear Grace Baskerville Jewellery it allows you to keep a little piece of the Cornish ocean close to you wherever you travel.

The Flowers

Flowers with M: Every project, regardless of size or complexity deepens my love of flowers and floristry. I feel excited for each new challenge and exploring how I can help set a mood with flowers. For Claire’s new Organic Bridal wear I wanted to create something beautifully simple, natural and complimentary. To do this I used seasonal flowers and foliage gathered from my own garden with the main floral element made up of Solomon Seal, Sweet Peas and Stock’s.This gave the bouquet a subtle scent and for the perfect finish I tied it with handmade silk ribbons made by Lancaster and Cornish.

The Make Up

Stacey Cremin: When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. I strive to create that happiness in all of my clients and people that I meet. It is also important for me to create a makeup look that best suits you as an individual but also, doesn't mask your natural beauty. I am also conscious to use products that look great, last well and feel weightless on the skin.

The Stationery

Myrtle & Co: This is a spring influenced wedding stationery suite, the illustrations were inspired by the hop and wisteria vines that grow in my garden, proof that the seasons have changed. The ink was made to reflect that grey spring light when all you want is summer sun! On the rough cotton paper they have become calm and delicate, complimenting the neutrals of the organic theme. I try wherever possible to use organic natural supplies, the paper is recycled cotton rag and the inks are all from natural dyes.

The Hair

Make Up By Ione: I curled all the hair and kept it down, twisted a few pieces up and added simple flowers in the back. I wanted to keep the hair relaxed and simple so not to distract too much from the background of the beautiful manor house we would be shooting in.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Wedding Dresses: Claire L. Headdon | Model: Lowenna Steren Murley | Make Up: Stacey Cremin | Hair: Make Up By Ione | Jewellery: Grace Baskerville | Florist: Flowers With M | Ribbons: Lancaster & Cornish | Stationery: Myrtle + Co
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