If we ever needed proof that you don't have to break the bank to have an absolutely stunning wedding, here it is; Ella & Matt's big day at The Reid Rooms. Wanting their day to have more of a relaxed vibe, the couple opted for casual outfits, a wedding breakfast, food vans, and no seating plan. You can just feel the quirky, love-filled aura seeping out of each photo. Speaking of! Recommended supplier Grace Elizabeth was the mastermind behind this incredibly cool set. If you're looking for some more casual, relaxed, and fun inspiration in your planning journey, Ella & Matt's wedding is a great place to start. Trust us. 

Cool, calm and casual wedding at The Reid Rooms 

The vibe was rustic and casual. The venue on its own was beautiful, so we really didn't need to do much! We used Pinterest to come up with an overall theme and colour scheme, then went from there. Honestly, we just wanted to buy/make decorations we could take home and use in our house. We didn't want to create lots of waste.

Ella & Matt

The Reid Rooms

Nestled in the heart of the stunning Essex countryside, The Reid Rooms brings together modernity with a timeless charm. Ella & Matt realised early on that they didn't want a super formal wedding. So when they found this venue, all their boxes were ticked. It's set against a gorgeous rural backdrop with lovely gardens and a courtyard, setting the scene for some truly wonderful photos. The couple also wanted an intimate wedding, with their nearest and dearest present, and the venue was able to accommodate them easily. Guests were able to sit wherever they wanted; indoors or outdoors! Can we pick both?

Intimate & relaxed 

Ella & Matt knew they wanted to keep things intimate, relaxed, calm and cool for their big day. Having a huge, formal wedding is fantastic, and a great choice. But, if you haven't heard our ethos for a while, here it is; your day, YOUR way! So, the couple decided on a more blithe approach to their wedding planning. And it worked absolute wonders. They stuck with local suppliers, kept their outfits casual, and offered a wedding cake comprised of cakes, brownies and cookies. Their rustic, casual vibe was brought to life by the photographer, the stunning venue, the wonderful guests, and of course, the fab couple themselves. 

We absolutely love a slip dress wedding dress moment!

We tried to stick with local suppliers, and DIYing what we could. As we wanted to stick to a small budget, some things were just a matter of searching until we found an option that was within our price range. Don't be shy to email lots of vendors for a quote!

Ella & Matt

Ella & Matt's phenomenal wedding is evidence enough that you don't need to be a millionaire to have a wedding fit for a queen. And it's not just them who got the memo, as exemplified by our roundup of weddings under 10k. The Reid Rooms certainly added to the incredible vibe of the whole day, proving that your venue is a game changer in the planning stages. That's why we dedicated a whole episode of our podcast to just that - wedding venues

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photographer: Grace Elizabeth | Venue: The Reid Rooms | Florist: Hidden Botanics | Food: Lot33 Pizza, Ronnie's Black Cab Pie & Mash | Cake Maker: Cupcake Cloud | Bridal Outfit: ASOS | Fashion Accessories : Honey and Ember | Groom Outfit : ASOS

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