Calling all you lovebirds! Feeling like you’ve found The One? Fed up with all the boring date night Valentine’s Day plans? Why not make this Valentine’s Day something to remember with these 10 Valentine’s Day proposal ideas that are perfect for every kind of couple? Get ready to pop the question and steal the show with these romantic proposal ideas!

10 romantic and intimate Valentine’s Day proposal ideas for every couple 

1. Starry-Eyed Serenade: 

Picture this – a starry night, a guitarist strumming your favourite tunes, and you, ready to drop the question you’ve been dying to ask. It's your very own concert under the stars. Just make sure the musicians are playing a song you both like! A popular song you absolutely can’t go wrong with is ‘Kissing You by Des’ree’, it’s from Romeo & Juliet (the Leo DiCaprio one), so you can thank us later.

2. Epic Scavenger Hunt:

Turn your proposal into something fun! Set up clues all over your town or city that lead your significant other to the final destination—where you, surrounded by a cheering squad of friends (or just the two of you if you prefer something more intimate), pop the question. It’s like a proposal Olympics, and you’re taking home the gold!

3. Vinyl Vibes:

Take a trip down memory lane with the story of songs that frame your relationship. Create a custom vinyl record with both of your favourite songs. Set the mood with retro decor (we recommend some disco balls), and let the vinyl spin its magic. When the needle drops on the perfect track, it's showtime – cue the confetti and the big question!

4. Rooftop Rendezvous:

Elevate your love story—literally! Head to a rooftop with a killer view and make your proposal the talk of the town. Just imagine the photos! The best part about this is that a rooftop is more intimate than dropping on one knee in the middle of a busy restaurant, so if you know your partner isn’t keen on being the centre of attention, this is the perfect option. 

5. Love Story Blockbuster:

Turn your regular love story into a Hollywood blockbuster. Have a flair for the dramatics? Get a filmmaker or editor to capture your epic journey and put together some of your favourite memories from your time together. Then, on Valentine’s Day, organise a private screening. As the credits roll, steal the spotlight and propose. Spoiler alert: tissues might be needed!

6. That's Amore:

Take some inspiration from the classic animated movie, Lady and The Tramp! The spaghetti and meatballs that lead to a kiss with the full moon in the background? Now that's how you do romance. Prepare a home-cooked meal using one of your favourite recipes or recreate a meal you two love to go out for (your partner will appreciate the effort even if you get the recipe a little wrong). Get the wine out, the candles lit, and the music on and keep it super low-key by popping the question in the comfort of your own home.

7. 3 words, 8 letters say it and i'm yours:

If you got the Gossip Girl reference, we can be friends. In all seriousness, if you’re someone who’s a little nervous and doesn’t want to do a big speech or are worried about actually saying the words like Chuck Bass, consider Scrabble! Spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ on the Scrabble board! Not a lover of board games? That’s fine! Spell it out with fridge magnets, rose petals, candles, their favourite snack, and the list goes on! 

8. Dream Destination:

Whether you and your partner have planned the holiday or you surprise your partner with a vacation, popping the question on Valentine’s Day in the place you and your lover have always dreamed of visiting would be a fairytale. Choose somewhere hot and tropical, a snowy intimate log cabin, go back to your hometown, or opt for a staycation somewhere that means a lot to you! 

9. Flower Power:

Even though Miley Cyrus quite rightly said that she can buy herself flowers, it goes without saying that we’d all prefer to be gifted them. If you know your partner’s favourite kind of flower, why not gift a bouquet of flowers with a ring inside the centre? Or use the petals to create a path leading to you at the end! 

10. Recreate Your First Date:

Valentine’s Day is all about having an amazing date with your partner. So we suggest you tell your partner you have this year’s Valentine’s Day date night handled and recreate your first-ever date. Maybe this is one you want to avoid if you did something not exactly first-date worthy, but if you went to the cinema, out for cocktails, to crazy golf, or hung out with friends, why not recreate it exactly as it was with a few twists? 

These Valentine’s Day proposal ideas combine classic romance with plenty of personal touches! 

Fancy one of these Valentine’s Day proposal ideas? Excellent news! But what are you going to actually say? Take a look at our proposal speech ideas that will help you turn up the charm, sprinkle in some humour, and have your beau saying, “Yes!”. Looking for the perfect ring? Here is everything you need to know about finding your partner’s ring size

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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