The day that has been years in the making finally arrives. You've worked hard at building your relationship to the point that you're ready to commit your lives to one and other, never mind all of the work that has gone into planning and preparing for your wedding day! You're surrounded by your Bridesmaids and family, hopefully with a glass of something bubbly close by. As your hair and make up starts to come together, you're helped into the dress that makes you feel your most beautiful, and you put on your bridal jewellery and shoes, the emotions are ever building. Anticipation, excitement, overwhelming joy and maybe worry, stress, and nerves... Yes, it's ok to feel nervous and to be stressed. But we promise when you get to the end of the aisle (which you will do without falling over) all of those emotions will be eclipsed by love. It's true of every single wedding we feature on Rock My Wedding. Whether the Bride is cool as a cucumber while getting ready, or a bag of nerves - the moment they lock eyes with their soul mate, everything else just melts away. Today we're sharing how the RMW team felt on the morning of their big day. If you're already married we'd love to hear how you felt too and if you're getting closer to your big day, hopefully this post will help you feel like your emotions are totally normal.


One of the most amazing days of my life was a surreal out of body experience that began with me waking at 5.30am in a four poster bed in Iscoyd’s bridal suite tossing and turning in my attempts to get some essential beauty sleep. I didn’t go back to sleep. I couldn’t. I was a melting pot of emotion. Excitement, anticipation, a dollop of stress and a splash of anxiety about those last few details wrestled with one another and all I could think about was ‘I’M GETTING MARRIED IN SEVEN HOURS!!!!’ The one thing that did keep me grounded however was the thought of seeing Ste’s face in just a few short hours; in fact it made me beam from ear to ear even when I was frantically spraying pumpkins white whilst in my pyjamas at 7am on a misty October morning. I glamorous! Above all though I remember feeling an inner sense of calm, I knew that marrying Ste was 110% totally meant to be and that I felt absurdly and overwhelmingly happy about the fact I was going to be his wife. (You can see the photos from Lolly's wedding here)


I stayed in a beautiful hotel with my Mom and one of my maids the night before my wedding. We ate a lovely dinner and tried to get an early night. It felt like Christmas. The morning couldn't come soon enough and I didn't sleep very well for all the excitement. I loved the getting ready part of the day. With my girls, getting dolled up, drinking fizz...probably not eating enough breakfast. There is no one on earth that makes me smile as much as Anthony. All morning I remember thinking about him, wondering what he was doing, feeling elated at the thought of seeing his mush waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I'd never looked forward to anything so much ever. (You can see the photos from Becky's wedding here)


I definitely didn’t feel nervous at all, or stressed, just rather excited! I woke ridiculously early as I could hear the rain pounding down outside. I could have had a meltdown at this but I remained positive it would stop, and it did. Instead I got up as quietly as I could and crept down to my Mums kitchen to fetch some cold tea bags to try and reduce the puffiness of my eyes! We had a lovely relaxed morning with a good friend who’s a hair and makeup artist making me feel amazing. I had my sisters as bridesmaids so my two closest friends called in for a glass of bubbles. It was so much fun as they made me even more excited. It was all just one long happy moment. I was the one who was urging everyone to hurry up as I didn’t want to be late. I set off with my brother, who was giving me away, in a family friends vintage car that basically couldn’t ever stop for fear of cutting out! It made for some interesting junctions! We arrived at the church and I just wanted to get in but we had to circle the village a few times as we got increasingly worried about where my Mum was. She’d left the same time as me but had decided to take the scenic route! Her house is only 10 minutes from the church so it must have been very scenic! Finally she arrived and I could walk in to see Edd, I think I practically skipped down the aisle to him, I was that excited about marrying him. It was perfect.


I stayed at my sisters house with my Bridesmaids the night before the wedding and was the last to wake, feeling completely calm and totally relaxed. There were no more DIY projects to do, no more phone calls to make or planning, just a day full of excitement, love, family and friends ahead. And most importantly I was going marry my Rob, We’d been together 11 years before we got married and were parents to two beautiful boys before we said I do and although nothing was going to change, it also felt like absolutely everything was going to change. I LOVE being his wife and calling him my husband and the ceremony and vows is the part of the day that I distinctly remember. I meant. Every. Single. Word of my vows, which I’m sure every bride does, but if I could bottle that elated feeling, that pure contentment, I would. I grinned the whole way down the aisle and couldn’t wait for the registrar to say the line 'you are now husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride!' I am usually a crier so the fact that I didn’t cry still baffles me. I actually remember hugging one of my bridesmaids who was overcome with emotion and us having a giggle about me NOT crying! I was literally too happy to.

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Written by Fern Godfrey

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