The world of rings can be a little daunting! But don't panic, we've got all the insider information you need. Recommended Supplier, Joshua James Jewellery is on hand (quite literally) to find you the style you've been looking for. So, over to Shannon and her plethora of knowledge...

You've been with your partner for a while, and you know exactly where this relationship is heading. We don't just mean your next holiday, but for you to ask you that anticipated question that they're so ready to answer. Getting engaged is a momentous occasion; it's one of the most romantic moments of your life, so of course, you need to get it right.

Maybe you have the date, location and speech in mind, but are you confident in finding a ring that they won't be able to say no to? That's where today's post comes in. The team here at Joshua James Jewellery are going to give you a helping hand when searching for your dream ring by shining a light on the most significant engagement ring trends of 2022.

While these might not be what you had in mind, hopefully, they'll give you a little nudge in the right direction.

Fun & Unique

When visiting every jeweller in your area, you're usually met with the same type of engagement ring designs, from the diamond cut right down to the shape of the band. These traditional rings will always stay timeless; however, in 2022, it's said that couples will be seeking unusually beautiful engagement rings that steer away from the norm.

Within this alternative trend, expect to see modernised band structures and visibly handcrafted features on finishes. In other words, mixed metals, asymmetrical compositions and raw detailing will be the hype.

Sentimental Value

While an engagement ring is meaningful enough, you can add additional sentimental value to the piece by incorporating a family heirloom. Whether their late grandmother passed down her jewels and you're sticking with a ring's originality, or you decide that you're going to rework the metals and gemstones into a different design, it makes for an even more powerful message behind the ring.

Don't forget; it's not just about wearing a pre-loved ring; you can even recycle precious gemstones and metals from all types of jewellery pieces and integrate them into your ring design. No matter what you do, it's a fantastic way to keep something so special close to your heart.

Vintage Vibes

While the modern platinum bands have been a craze for quite some time now, we're going to see a slight shift in this trend to the vintage aesthetic. Vintage rings have a particular grand look about them, which is a look that a lot of brides love to incorporate into their classic wardrobes. This is another notable trend; from settings curated from centuries-old diamonds to darker gold's being favoured, there are many ways you can add a vintage touch to an engagement ring.

While this sets your chosen ring apart from most of the nations, it also boasts a connection to the hit TV show, Bridgerton. This show has shifted the fashion and jewellery industry, allowing a return for vintage style.

A Pop Of Colour

You may be thinking, but diamonds are a girl's best friend? Although this may be true for some, coloured gemstones are also a close pal. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and even the opal are becoming rapidly popular in the world of engagement rings. This can offer a certain level of personalisation when matched with their favourite colour.

Additionally to Bridgerton, November's 'Spencer' will be released in cinemas. The drama based upon Princess Diana's life story will showcase the princesses stunning sapphire engagement ring; this will encourage an extreme resurgence in the desire for gemstones of all colours of the rainbow.

Shop Small

We have mostly spoken about the look of an engagement ring, but what about the jewellers who sell it to you? Over the past year or so, due to Covid restrictions and the online world reaping the benefits of people no longer leaving their homes, supporting small businesses that need the extra backing has been a major trend for shoppers.

What's more, when you shop small, the business is likely to follow sustainable practices, another key buying motive for customers. This spike in shopping small will continue to drive purchasing, so if you own a start-up, this will work in your favour.

Beautiful & Bespoke

Last but certainly not least, we have the custom-made engagement ring. By designing a one-of-a-kind piece, you'll be sure to impress. When done right, it shows that you know them to a T. What's more, you're creating a piece that holds the essence of your heart; from hard work and thoughtfulness, this is the type of proposal ring that you can't say no to.

Our ring experts at Joshua James Jewellery can help you design and create your very own bespoke engagement ring. Through a magical experience, you can manipulate exactly how you want your ring to look, from the metal right down to the stone used. You will be presented with several models to ensure you're completely satisfied before the ring is created.

Head over to our Joshua James website to book in for a consultation today, an opportunity to discuss your wants and needs while enjoying some complimentary bubbly. You can either go through our bespoke ring service alone, making for a fantastic surprise for your soon-to-be, or you can get your partner involved, ensuring that the ring is everything they want and more.

A bespoke ring tells a story, but not just any story, your story.

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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