We’re starting off a brand new series with some of our Recommended suppliers. At Rock My Wedding, we love sharing the creative work of our wedding suppliers and we thought a Day in the Life series would be a great way to showcase what our suppliers actually get up to. Today, we’re beginning it all with wedding signage and the lovely and talented Recommended supplier, Bewilderly! Bewilderly is a wedding signage and stationery supplier based in Cambridgeshire. In this Day in The Life series, we’ll be discussing trends, advice, pricing, and some more personal details about the supplier we’re talking to! So, the floor is yours Bewilderly, let’s hear it...

A day in the life with wedding signage supplier, Bewilderly!

1. How did you get into wedding stationery & signage?

In 2018 I was working full-time running a cafe in my local town and I can’t remember why, but I purchased this really terrible calligraphy kit from Amazon, which obviously turned out to be the best decision I could have ever made. From then, my love for calligraphy grew and I honed my skills over the next year. I then attempted a few wedding signs and fell in love with them even more. Using my design & calligraphy skills over the last 5 years, I now offer a huge range of large-scale wedding signs and on the day wedding stationery for couples across the whole of the UK and Europe.

2. What does an average day in the life as a sign writer look like for you?

I work from home in my small studio, which is really wonderful. I start my day with a dog walk - I have a mini poodle who spends all day with me in the studio, he is the best companion! After my dog walk, coffee, and breakfast, I sit down at my desk. I work from my Trello system, so I tend to open this up and see what’s on the list for the coming weeks/months. I spend my days usually doing a mix of painting, calligraphy, emails, invoicing, photographing, staining, varnishing, sanding, stock taking, ordering and binging Netflix - I wear many hats!

3. How far in advance should couples book you/enquire with you?

Ideally no later than 5 months prior to the wedding day, although I can usually accommodate last-minute bookings. Summer months (April-Sept) tend to book up the fastest, so I would suggest that as soon as you know what you’d love, reach out to your favourite suppliers.

4. What is the skill set required to be a sign writer?

Attention to detail is very helpful! Wedding signs require precision and accuracy, so attention to detail is crucial. This skill involves the ability to notice small details, such as spelling errors or alignment issues, and make corrections as needed. A good sense of design is essential for creating effective and visually appealing wedding signs. Understanding colour theory, composition, typography, and layout. And then creativity and the ability to come up with unique and original ideas, and to think outside the box when designing pieces.

5. What’s the most rewarding aspect of your day/job?

When the finished product is set up and decorated beautifully at the wedding venue. My signs can take hours and hours to hand paint and seeing them come to life is so rewarding. I would also say the community in the wedding industry is just incredible, I have made so many amazing genuine friends over the years in all corners of the industry.

6. What do you wish more couples knew about wedding signage?

The importance of wedding signs. Wedding signs are not just decorative elements, they are functional too. They provide information to guests, direct them to important areas, and help keep the wedding running smoothly. So, it's important for couples to put some thought into the signage they want and how it can benefit their wedding (alongside them looking amazing!).

7. What current trends are you seeing within wedding decor & signage?

Definitely curves and shapes. Arched and circular signage is coming in strong and I think they are here to stay, playing with shapes within design can be really unique. And minimalistic signage. This look really emphasises simplicity and understated elegance. Clean lines and simple fonts, with minimal decoration or embellishment. This trend is popular for couples who want their wedding decor to have a modern and sophisticated feel.

8. How do you get inspired/get in the zone?

I genuinely find my whole studio space inspiring, as soon as I step into my office, I feel excited and ready to create. A top tip for keeping this up is to keep the space as tidy as you can and decorate it to your personality. If my studio is a huge mess, I am less likely to want to create in my space!

9. What are your lowest and highest price packages/options?

All my signage & stationery pieces are priced individually and you can tailor these to build your own bespoke package. Card items are more budget-friendly so this is a fabulous option if you’re trying to keep the costs down while still achieving a beautiful look. Or if you have a higher budget for your detail elements, the large agate slice place cards are just stunning and double up as the most beautiful keepsake for your guests.

10. What advice would you give others looking to get into this field?

Sign writing requires a certain level of skill and expertise, so it's important to practice and develop your craft. You can take classes or workshops on sign writing or calligraphy, or practice on your own using online resources and tutorials, or buy a calligraphy kit online. I offer these over the winter time once the wedding season has dyed down! Network and connect with other wedding suppliers, like wedding planners, photographers, and florists. Offer your services for styled shoots or collaborations, and attend industry events and networking opportunities to make connections and build your brand. Define your style and aesthetic, and create a brand that reflects that. And then build a website and social media presence to showcase your work and attract potential clients!

11. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

When planning a wedding, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest trends or the expectations of family and friends. However, it's important to remember that this is your day, and you should prioritise what matters most to you as a couple. And the details of your wedding day should be the most fun part, so enjoy choosing your colours and papers and tableware and tasting your cakes and food and choosing your signs!

11 questions with wedding stationer, Bewilderly!

Bewilderly has said it best, your wedding is all about you! Don't forget that! We've asked Bewilderly 11 questions about what goes into being a signage and stationery expert, her experience in the wedding industry and sage advice. A huge thank you to Bewilderly for being a part of our exciting new series dedicated to our incredible Recommended suppliers! Make sure you keep an eye out for our next day in the life! If you're planning your wedding signage and stationery, take a look at the five signs you need for your wedding day!

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