White bridesmaid dresses may not be the first colour choice that springs to mind. This is because the bride(s) tend to be wearing white (unless they're wearing a coloured wedding dress of course). But if you fancy a cohesive colour scheme, white bridesmaid dresses are a great choice. Bridesmaids clad in white is certainly a chic, stylish statement to make. Not to mention it's flattering, versatile, and can complement almost any wedding theme. Pippa Middleton is a great example of white bridesmaid goodness - who could forget her statement dress at the Royal Wedding?! So, whether you're certain about white dresses or simply flirting with the idea, you'll undoubtedly find heaps of inspiration here. So, let's get cracking, shall we?

White bridesmaid dresses inspiration galore!

White satin bridesmaid dresses

Starting off with a bang, we've got white satin bridesmaid dresses. Satin dresses have surged in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Satin is timeless, sleek and glamorous. Not only that, but these kinds of dresses also provide long-lasting comfort for the wearer. We all know weddings tend to be quite long - so comfort AND style are key. A satin bridesmaid dress is a great option for both. Satin also looks great in almost every colour, not just white.

White lace bridesmaid dresses

If you're really looking to mirror a wedding dress style in your bridal party, then a lace dress is the way to go. Lace adds a lot of texture to any look. It also offers flexibility, and a chance to add some personability to your outfit. Lace is as timeless as it is elegant, with the delicate fabric giving a dreamy look to any wedding theme. Who doesn't want that?

Children's white bridesmaid dresses

Babies and children at weddings? Adorable. Babies and children at weddings wearing cute, matching, white bridesmaid dresses? Double the adorable! There's no doubt having younger wedding guests adds a touch of playfulness, love and family to any ceremony. So having them match the colour scheme is always going to be a winner, too. If you want to hear lots of "Aww"s and "ahh"s when looking back on your wedding photos, having younger guests in white bridesmaid dresses is always a good shout.

Midi white bridesmaid dresses

Midi dresses are so adaptable, making them a fashion-world favourite. With the right neckline and sleeve length, they're a great choice to match necklacesjackets, shoes, and other accessories like sunglasses too. They bring a touch of elegance, especially in a white shade, but don't completely steal the show from the bride. With so many different shapes and sizes of midi dresses, you'll have loads to choose from for your bridal party. Bonus tip: Because they're so adaptable, midi dresses can be worn again and again after the wedding with the right accessories/coats/etc., so sustainable as well as chic!

Long white bridesmaid dresses

Long dresses always look classy - that's a tale as old as time. Making any bridesmaid look stylish, elegant and effortlessly chic, there's a reason it's a go-to choice for brides and bridesmaids alike. If you really want coherence between your bride and bridal party, then long, white dresses are a fantastic choice. Long dresses can cover up legs (no need to fake tan - this is especially good news when your dress is white) and shoes (no need to wear heels!), but their main accolade - they simply look beautiful.

Short white bridesmaid dresses

If you're opting for an edgier bridal party look whilst simultaneously keeping in theme colour-wise, then a short white bridesmaid dress could be the choice for you. Short dresses are great if you want to show off your shoes, they're very comfortable, and they're great if you've got an outdoor wedding, especially in the warmer months. Not only that, short dresses are good fun to twirl around in on the dance floor, making for fantastic wedding photos, too. A white, short dress is in equal measure fun and elegant, quirky and chic, edgy and in line with your theme.

White bridesmaid dresses can tie together your whole theme whilst looking chic and timeless

So there we have it - the low down on white bridesmaid dresses. Whether you're opting for white to emphasise your theme, or just because you like the look of it, hopefully, you've been inspired by this roundup. If you want a bit more glitz and glamour in your bridal party, then Leah & Craig's bridal party consisting of sparkly bridesmaid dresses will be right up your street. Fancy a more understated colour scheme, like off-white, or subtle gold? Isla & Chris' champagne gold bridesmaid dresses are sure to please. If you're looking for general bridesmaid knowledge, however, then our podcast episode on bridesmaids will certainly come in handy.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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