When it comes to choosing whether or not to have a Wedding List, one of the first thing people worry about is asking guests for presents. It feels like it goes against our code of Britishness. But we're here to tell you that on your wedding day, it's totally allowed. In fact, guests prefer to know what you'd like. People love to buy gifts for the newlyweds - to help you set up your home together, help you with projects like decorating your bathroom, or contributing to your honeymoon fund. Here's some interesting stats from our exclusive Gift List partner, The Wedding Shop, to help put your mind at ease over choosing your wedding list... Why Having A Wedding Gift List Is A Good Idea

Why Have A Wedding List?

As you can see above, the majority of people prefer to know what the couple would like to receive as a wedding gift. Whether it's cash, a contribution to your honeymoon or a selection of carefully curated gifts for your home, letting guests know makes it easier for them to buy you something. If you're just asking for cash, do still think about having a gift list, as couples often underestimate how generous friends and family will be. That's potentially a lot of cash to be responsible for on your wedding day!

How To Ask Politely...

OK, so asking for presents can feel hideously awkward, but making things clear for guests on your wedding invitations saves any difficult phone calls later down the line and hopefully means you won't be spending hours in a department store returning kettles... Some people opt for a poem, some people cringe at the thought. Just do what works for you - but acknowledging that guests 'presence is present enough, but if you'd like to treat us you can do so via...' does the job nicely. Make sure you've included details of where your gift list is held and how guests can access it. The Wedding Shop makes this really easy, with couples having a designated area on their website and guests can search gifts via their monetary value.

More Inspiration

For more Gift List inspiration, you can view The Wedding Shop pages on RMW, where we've curated several lists to get you started. If you'd like to know more about having your gift list with The Wedding Shop, please visit their website. Or you can visit one of their stores, in Dublin, Chelsea or in Selfridges, Oxford Street and see their gorgeous selection of hand picked products in the flesh. Happy shopping!
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