Here at Rock My Towers we LOVE the use of a beautiful sign at a wedding. They make a great talking point and infuse a heap of personality and fun into the décor. And what better way to add real impact, but for very little cost, than with an Order of the Day crafted out of a wooden pallet. I decided to go for a romantic theme for my Order of the Day, with white brush-lettering style calligraphy and vibrant flowers but was also very tempted to stencil on the letters in black to create a more industrial vibe. Just make sure you use a white or black pen to ensure that the letters are visible: metallics are gorgeous but they won't stand out so well against wood.

Wooden Pallet DIY Sign {What You Will Need}

Top Tip

Try eBay, Gumtree, local builders or tradesmen, or Freecycle for wooden pallets. I found mine on Freecycle and have since become a bit addicted to Freecycle. The things people give away on there! As well as spotting this pallet on Freecycle, I’ve noticed various other items/bits of décor that would be perfect for weddings, so if you’re planning a wedding on a budget then it might be worth looking into. And as well as searching through the posts people have advertised giving away free stuff, you could also set up a ‘Wanted: wooden pallet’ type of post.

Wooden Pallet DIY Sign {Instructions}

  • 1. Give your pallet a good scrub down with a sponge.
  • 2. Draw your words on in pencil. (Pull your sleeve down over your wrist to avoid splinters)!

How to Make a DIY Wooden Pallet Order of the Day Wedding Sign for £10

  • 3. Go over the pencil lines with a Pabeo Ink pen. (I initially tried using a Sharpie but found that the wood just soaked up the ink). The Pabeo pens are brill because you can write on most surfaces with them, even scratchy pallet wood. To get the letters clear you will need to trace over them three or four times. However, I reckon a slightly smudgy edge just adds to the rustic charm.
  • 4. Arrange some flowers around the edges of the pallet. Real flowers look fantastic but faux flowers are much more practical, as you can arrange and fix them to the pallet well in advance of your wedding day.
  • 5. Find a suitable spot for your pallet at your venue and watch your guests flock to it to find out what’s happening and when!

How to Make a DIY Wooden Pallet Order of the Day Wedding Sign for £10

DIY Wooden Pallet Wedding Sign {Pin It!}

How to Make a DIY Wooden Pallet Order of the Day Wedding Sign for £10

Lisa Soeno

Written by Lisa Soeno

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