Hannah used her time furloughed as a seamstress to create her incredible black strapless wedding dress - and it is incredible! This stunning couple are taking glamour and style to the next level; from the colour co-ordination, to the show-stopping florals, they’ve got it all. We love the contrast of dark colours in comparison to the pastel bouquets throughout. Opting to do as much as possible themselves, Hannah & Damien took the DIY route for their decor, favours, signs and cake. Now, time to obsess over Hannah and her wedding gown…

Black strapless wedding dress for glamorous day

We wanted the styling to be something different. We wanted it to be quirky, but still glamorous. We went for a mix of dark grey eucalyptus and a range of flowers and thistles.

Hannah & Damian


It would definitely be the hunt for my dress. I wanted black for as long as I could remember, but could not find one anywhere. I ended up buying an ivory gown but I wasn’t happy in it. 4 weeks before the big day I decided to just make my own black dress (I am a degree trained seamstress/designer). It was a stressful few weeks, however I could not be happier with how it turned out.


Don’t give in to traditions if you don’t want them! It is your day so have it how you please. There was so much pressure to do certain things and pay for added traditional extras. We didn’t do anything we didn’t specifically want and it made the day perfect.

We love the fact that Hannah followed her heart and stuck to her black gown!

Our day was just amazing and beautiful. What made it unique was that we did pretty much everything ourselves from the venue decor, to the wedding cake, to favours, to my wedding dress.

Hannah & Damian

Hannah and her black strapless wedding dress is just proof you don’t need a white gown! Take a look at our favourite coloured gowns for a little more inspiration. Or how about this mint green gown for a little coastal editorial? Trust us, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to keep your non-white wedding dress dream alive!

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: Hayne House Kent | Videographer: Joelography | Bridal Outfit: Hannah Black Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: BooHoo

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