Village Hall
Village Hall
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Choose A Village Hall Venue
Booze Bath
Booze Bath
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Fill an old tin bath full of cheap booze from the supermarket
Cake Table
Cake Table
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Make a dessert table full of homemade cakes
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Use old tin cans and single stem flowers to create pretty details
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Single Stem Floral Arrangements in Glass Bottles
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Make Your Wedding Cake Yourself
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Use old wooden palettes to make things
At Home
At Home
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Choose A Village Hall Venue
White by Vera Wang
White by Vera Wang
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Buy A Discount Dress
Wooden Crates
Wooden Crates
How To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding - Use seasonal and wild blooms in organic and free arrangements
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27 Ways To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding

RMW The Podcast episode four is out today! And as Charlotte and Becky are chatting ways to save money, I thought it might be a good idea to re-share this post – one of your ALL TIME favourite features, 27 ways to have a beautiful budget wedding. Have a read, then head over to iTunes, Spotify or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts and enjoy even more top tips for saving money while still having a gorgeous day…

One of the things we get asked time and time again here at RMW HQ is how to save money on your wedding day and luckily for you lovely lot, the whole RMLtd team has picked up lots of tricks and tips over the years. I’m going, to be honest with you here – getting married is going to cost you some money. You can’t throw a party for your friends and family, wear a beautiful dress and shoes, have pretty flowers and expect it to be free. I know, life is tough hey 😉 BUT there are things that you can do to keep a lid on your budget and still have a beautiful wedding day…

  • If you have a Mum/Uncle/Cousin who loves baking then ask them to make you a cake, nine times out of ten they will be really flattered and accept your request with gusto.
  • Instead of having a wedding cake, have a Bake-Off style dessert table – ask people to bring cakes and desserts instead of presents or have a cake of cheese so you don’t need to provide an evening buffet.
  • Consider your menu choices. Opt for a BBQ or even a picnic if your venue will let you. Buffet style food doesn’t have to feel 80s, it can be really stylish if you put it together well.
  • Buy booze in bulk throughout the year when it’s on offer at the supermarket or cash and carry and display in an old bathtub/wheelbarrow/bin.
  • Use social media wisely, follow the Instagram accounts of the bridal designers and boutiques you love as this is where they will announce their sample sales. Don’t be afraid of getting in the car and driving across the country for one – if you’re saving 50-60% on the cost of your dream dress than a tank of petrol is nothing.
  • Consider wearing a second-hand wedding dress. In all likelihood, the dress has been worn once before (if at all!) and dry cleaners like Johnsons are very experienced at looking after such precious items.
  • It’s all about how you wear it, so finding your dress on the high street or in a more budget Bridal boutique is a savvy idea.  Take the dresses in our gallery below for example – one is from Monsoon, the other is from Vera Wang’s concession at David’s Bridal, both costing less than £600 and both GORGEOUS dresses. In fact, the, Vera Wang is one of our most liked images on social media EVER).
  • Give Bridesmaids a strict budget to buy a dress within your colour palette, if they want to spend more or contribute extra for a dress they really love and will wear again then that’s up to them.
  • Likewise, for the boys, ask Groomsmen to wear their own suits.
  • Use wild and seasonal flowers displayed in stem vases, jam jars and tin cans. This looks really pretty and is very easy to do yourself.
  • Opt for lots of foliage instead of flowers, essentially you can just chop this down from your garden, so it’s completely free!
  • Give single flower stems as favours – they serve as decor (wrap them in a ribbon around the napkin) and girls can wear them in their hair and blokes in their buttonholes for the reception. Favours, Florals, AND making your guests blend in with the overall aesthetic. We’re kind of joking but kind of not.
  • Ask guests to send you photos of themselves with the RSVP – interactive guest decor that is also really inexpensive.
  • Have a menu board instead of menu print outs, saving you money on your stationery budget.
  • Wooden palettes can be made into all sorts of things. Signs, somewhere to display your table plan, your cake, your flowers etc. People often give these away for free, so keep an eye out on local shops and businesses or farms.

How to make your budget wedding beautiful

  • It’s certainly not easy to create your own stationery, but it can be done and is definitely one way to save money.
  • Consider going paperless and having a wedding website. Or just send out emails. Yes it’s less tactile, but honestly how many wedding invitations do you have saved at home?
  • Look at alternative wedding venues like village halls, parents’ back gardens, holiday homes. Even YOUR home…It really pays to think outside the box when it comes to the venue. Our, Laura’s wedding was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than her initial budget because she did this. Investigate all ideas – whether that’s speaking with local farmers, charities based in amazing buildings or woodland trusts. Don’t think anything is off-limits until you know for certain that it is.
  • This is a really difficult one, but try not to mention the wedding word. If you’re booking a space purely for the reception, then call it a family party (in all honesty that’s exactly what it is and a venue shouldn’t be charging you more for a wedding just because it’s a wedding).
  • Hiring a band or DJ can be quite expensive and a well-considered Spotify playlist is guaranteed to keep people dancing.
  • Ask friends and family members if they know any local musicians such as buskers or students, often people do and they will be more than happy to play at your wedding for a small fee.
  • Ask your bridesmaids to do each others hair/make-up (there is usually someone who is a whizz with the blush brush and hair tongs!)
  • Do you have a friend or family member with a fancy car that you love? Ask them to be your transportation on the day. Most people would be thrilled to have a part to play. Failing that, catch a cab! Or have a parent drive you. There is no rule to say that the bride must appear from the back of a wedding car. And let’s be realistic most guests will be inside your ceremony venue on arrival. Just make sure that whatever your chosen transportation that it’s nice and clean before you gather yourself and your gown into it. 
  • Consider getting hitched later in the afternoon so you only have to provide one lot of food, perhaps a hot buffet which would work out cheaper than a sit-down meal.
  • Consider getting married on a weekday – Thursday is the new Sunday…and November is the new May. Although this isn’t new and the wedding season does seem to run endlessly now, lots of venues still run special packages for weekday or winter weddings.
  • Ditch the favours – no-one will notice or go down the homemade option and present people with a pretty biscuit, a mini bottle of limoncello or jar of jam.
  • Ask people for help!!! You’ve probably picked that one up by this point already, but people are always really happy to be involved in your big day.

To catch up on all of our previous podcasts, head here. Happy listening!


Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

8 thoughts on “27 Ways To Have A Beautiful Budget Wedding

  1. Everyone wants to do their best in making their day remarkable. But due to this emotion they waste money in many ways. Firstly I prefer to book a Wedding planner because they are experts and can do things much better than you. But if you are planning your own so checklist is must and your guide is very helpful in this regard.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Fern!
    Amazing tips and ideas for a budget wedding. Very helpful for couples I will definitely share this idea with the clients. Keep sharing such unique content. Keep blogging!

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