How can you not just love boho and rustic vibes at a wedding?! With that pretty dried flower headband, made by Recommended supplier, Luna and Wild, and two chic hats, what's not to love? Plus, with sustainability being at the forefront of this shoot, most of the decor was handmade from reclaimed driftwood sourced from North Wales beaches by Recommended supplier, URURA Moments! How cool! Recommended supplier, Creek & Country Photo & Film shot this epic boho inspiration! 

Dried flower headband accessory for a boho wedding

This shoot is all about showing how sustainable decor can provide a beautiful backdrop for a rustic, outdoorsy wedding.

Jack - Creek & Country Photo & Film

Dried flower headband

They chose to include a pretty bridal dried flower headband to add some rustic charm and set the overall boho vibes that they wanted to achieve with the shoot. The dress and suit worn by the bride and groom were off the shelves and put together with nothing more than some creativity and a flare for fashion. To create all the boho vibes everyone ensured that all the details were thought out! From macrame decor to cool hats

macramé and decor

The people from URURA Moments supplied and made the decor themselves from reclaimed driftwood sourced from beaches in North Wales. The main aim was to show off a boho-style wedding because the backdrop and decor meshed perfectly. The other suppliers involved shared the same vision. Working with such a fantastic group of people helped the day go smoothly and the result is just incredible!

Dried flowers and pampas grass are essential to achieve those boho vibes!

We captured this but the guys at URURA Moments and the other suppliers really made this what it was. I absolutely love the sustainable approach we took and hope to continue this on to weddings in the future.

Jack - Creek & Country Photo & Film

The accessories in this shoot are stunning! If you're loving the bride's dried flower headband, why not take a look at our flower crown roundup? All about the boho wedding vibes? Then our pampas grass wedding inspiration is sure to satisfy all your boho needs.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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Photographer: Creek & Country Photo & Film | Decor: URURA Moments | Hair Accessories: Luna and Wild | Florist: Living Colour Flowers | Stationery: Harriett and Joel | Makeup Artist: Sara Aspinall Makeup | Model: Millie Peach Gore

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