This incredibly colourful Longbourn Estate Barn wedding is about to blow your mind! Munira & Alex wanted their day to be a combination of both English and Indian traditions. Representing each of them as individuals, and as a couple. They opted for Indian food, Dohl players, a brass band, and English desserts. Their styling and vibe came from the use of Indian umbrellas. Alongside bright pinks, oranges and yellows which influenced the table styling. Good food was also incredibly important to Munira & Alex, and their motto on the day was to have fun and don’t go home hungry! Now that’s something we can most certainly get on board with…

Colourful Longbourn Estate Barn wedding

We couldn't have done it without our friends and family. They took on decorating, lighting, storage, floristry and everything in between! Alex's mum is a marketplace master, Munira's mum made the table runners and her brother made the cake. Weddings are just the best!

Munira & Alex


Munira & Alex suggest sticking to what you originally wanted when you start wedding planning! As they went through phases of feeling like they weren't doing their wedding the 'proper' way, which we completely understand. When you find yourselves at other weddings and see what others do, it can influence your choices a little. In the end, you want your day to represent you and who you are as a couple. DIY'ing is also a great way to personalise your day and make it your own!


Choosing their photographer was easy, as Munira knew Anna from school, and she just so happens to be an incredible photographer! The photos are beautiful and feel very real, which is something Munira & Alex were looking for. Good food was also very important to them, and it came from a restaurant Munira’s family have been going to for years! They felt music was the hardest supplier to find, as it took a lot of time to find what they were really looking for.

Could a Longbourn Estate Barn wedding be for you? 

Our favourite moment was the Dohl players collaborating with the brass band - the dance floor filled immediately! We hadn't anticipated how special it would feel to have a room full of people we love who were there to celebrate our marriage. 

Munira & Alex

Longbourn Estate Barn provided the perfect backdrop for Munira & Alex’s colourful wedding. We’re absolutely obsessing over those smoke-bomb portraits! Of course, if you’re in need of a little more inspiration you should check out our 10 must-have photos on your wedding day. Planning a multicultural wedding is a fantastic way to celebrate your heritage and we have plenty of help to guide you along the way. 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Venue: Longbourn Estate Barn | Acoustic Duo: String Of Roses | Brass Band: King Brasstards | Dhol Drummers: The Percussionist | Catering: Desi Express, Milan Sweet Centre | Hair Stylist: Pink Chocolate Hair Salon | Makeup Artist: Louisa Menin | Bridal Outfit: Ladlee Leicester | Grooms Suit: Moss Bross | Favours: Crumbz Bakery

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