What's bright, bold, and disco all over? It's this absolutely stunning pink and orange editorial shoot at The Old Rectory - that's what. We are obsessed with so many aspects of this shoot. In particular, the vivid and vibrant shades of pink and orange spread across the flower arrangements, table decorations, and stationery, all blending with a touch of disco glam and an alternative atmosphere. Want to immerse yourself in the captivating world of an orange and pink wedding? Where the vibrancy of these two striking hues intertwine to create a celebration that's both joyful and energetic? Here, we've got you covered. Now, you can't just create an editorial shoot as gorgeous as this from thin air.. Oh no, a truly talented stylist masterminds them. And in this instance, we have Recommended Supplier Clover & Fern to thank for this masterpiece.

Pink and orange wedding inspiration with disco balls and a leather bridal jacket

Inspiration for this shoot was the bright and bold colours of pink and orange. This came out through the florals, table decor and stationery, combined with a disco glam and alternative vibe. The shoot worked well to show that a couple can bring their own personality and inspiration to their wedding combined with an elegant venue which shows that they can make a stunning pairing. The venue also offers a luxe white bouncy castle which added another fun element to the shoot.

Joanna Ranson Photography

Pink and orange wedding with disco realness 

Step into a realm of captivating creativity at an orange and pink themed wedding that effortlessly melds the vivacity of these two bold colours with an infusion of disco glamour and edgy alternative style. At The Old Rectory, vibrant orange and pink hues dance across every facet of the celebration, from the exuberant flower arrangements to the dynamic tablescape. Yet, what truly sets this wedding apart is the ingenious incorporation of disco balls, casting glimmering reflections that sweep the venue with a radiant enchantment reminiscent of a bygone era of dance and music. Amidst this electric atmosphere, the bride dons a sleek, personalised leather jacket, embodying a rebellious spirit that harmonises beautifully with the vibrant colour scheme. The groom complements this edgy aesthetic with a tailored ensemble accented by edgy black groom's boots. Readers can revel in an ambiance that marries the nostalgia of disco with the modernity of an alternative wedding style, truly embracing the couple's distinctive personalities. This orange and pink themed wedding, embellished with disco balls and adorned in alternative flair, transcends convention. 

An outdoor wedding bouncy castle enhances any editorial shoot. Now, that's just a fact.

This shoot combined a cost-conscious approach. Using local suppliers and small businesses which, with a bright and colourful theme, will provide great inspiration during wedding planning. The groom's suit was supplied by a pre-loved wedding attire business that supports sustainability. The shoot highlights a stunning tablescape which was completed by a Rock My Wedding Recommended Supplier, Clover and Fern, in addition to the couple representing their authentic selves, and the groom representing diversity too.

Joanna Ranson Photography

Disco ball goodness paired with a pink and orange wedding theme? Yeah, sign us up. We're here for it every single day. Shoots like this make us want to get up and dance. Whether that's the colour scheme or the disco balls inspiring us, we're not sure. But if it's making you want to boogie with us, our playlist of 100 last dance wedding songs will be right up your street. Choosing the right wedding venue is vital - especially if you want your photos to look great on the 'gram. We can help you out there, with our article on the most Instagrammable wedding venues.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photography: Joanna Ranson Photography | Venue: The Old Rectory Berkshire | Stylist: Clover and Fern | Florist: Buds Floristry | Hair and Makeup: Toni Searle Beauty | Models: Wilde Kindred Spirits | Bridal Boutique: The Farnham Boutique | Fashion Accessories: Petra Jewellery, Infinity Bridal Accessories | Fashion Accessories : Niamh Designs | Stationery: Love Flora Studio | Cake Maker: Charlotte's Cake Company | Groom's Suits: Love It Again Bridal | Confetti: Your Confetti | Napkins: The Knotted Napkin Co | Wedding Banner: Daydream Creative Studio

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