In the age of hashtags, reels and filters, the hunt for the most Instagrammable wedding venues has become a thrilling adventure. These enchanting spots are the stuff of fairytales. They promise an effortlessly stylish and picture-perfect backdrop for that unforgettable "I do" moment. Now of course - what is Instagrammable to me might not be Instagrammable to you. That's the beauty of humankind - we're all different in our own ways. So that's why, in our list of 7 phenomenal Recommended venues, there are all sorts of different spaces. Warm and inviting barns, rustic industrial spots, quirky, more unusual places... The lot! If you want wedding photos that will make all your followers comment "I'M SOBBING THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL I AM OBSESSED I SIMPLY CANNOT PROCESS IT", this list will be your best friend. So, shall we? 

7 of the most Instagrammable wedding venues, as recommended by Rock My Wedding

1. The Giraffe Shed

First up, we've got Recommended venue The Giraffe Shed. Whilst this may at first sound like a sub-Sarahan African animal sanctuary, hold your horses (or should we say, giraffes). It is in fact an incredibly groovy place to celebrate your love. The Giraffe Shed is where whimsy meets rustic charm, creating an extraordinary event space. Nestled amidst lush countryside and bathed in warm sunlight, this hidden gem boasts a unique concept that captures hearts. As you enter, you're greeted by the friendly presence of life-sized giraffe sculptures, adding a touch of playful elegance. The venue's interior combines natural wood and earthy tones, creating a cozy, intimate ambiance that feels like a home away from home. But it's the stunning high ceilings adorned with fairy lights that truly set this place apart, giving it an enchanting and dreamy atmosphere. Whether you're planning a rustic wedding, a laid-back celebration, or a creative event, The Giraffe Shed offers a one-of-a-kind canvas for your vision to come to life.

2. The Brickhouse Vineyard

Next up is Recommended venue Brickhouse Vineyard. And when it comes to Instagrammable wedding venues - this one's golden. This charming spot is a slice of paradise nestled in the heart of wine country. This picturesque wedding venue is a celebration of love, nature, and the finer things in life. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and manicured gardens, it offers an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The historic brickhouse, with its charming character and elegant architecture, exudes a timeless charm that sets the stage for romance and enchantment. As you exchange vows under the clear blue sky, the gentle rustle of leaves and the scent of blooming flowers create a sensory symphony that enhances the magic of the moment. With every corner of the venue designed to be Instagram-worthy, from the stunning vineyard vistas to the inviting wine cellar, capturing your special day becomes an art in itself. Brickhouse Vineyard is more than just a venue; it's an experience.

3. Cripps Barn - Instagrammable wedding venues

Step into the world of Recommended venue Cripps Barn, an enchanting wedding haven straight out of a fairy tale. Nestled amidst the breathtaking Cotswold countryside, this historic stone barn effortlessly weaves rustic charm and contemporary elegance into a captivating tapestry. The moment you arrive, you're embraced by sweeping views of rolling hills and meadows, setting the stage for a celebration that will linger in your heart forever. Inside, the barn's interior is a work of art, with exposed wooden beams, twinkling fairy lights, and grand chandeliers uniting to conjure an ambiance that is pure magic. Trust us - photos have never looked so good. Amidst the rustic-chic ceremony space, surrounded by cherished loved ones, time seems to stand still as you exchange your vows. And when the time comes to feast, the farm-to-table cuisine, lovingly served family-style, infuses the festivities with a genuine touch of warmth and authenticity. Cripps Barn is so much more than just a venue; it's a realm where dreams find their home, and where beautiful love stories unfold.

4. The Shack Revolution

Truly revolutionising the wedding venue game is Recommended venue The Shack Revolution. This extraordinarily quirky wedding venue is tucked away in the embrace of lush, secluded nature. This gem is surrounded by whimsical touches and an eclectic charm. Exchange vows beneath a flower-adorned pergola. That's the best thing about The Shack Revolution - as a blank canvas wedding venue, dress it up or dress it down however you want! Whatever theme you're opting for, The Shack Revolution can accommodate. Inside, any Instagram enthusiast's dream comes true with the rustic-chic interior boasting vintage furniture, twinkling lights, and a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors that dance in perfect harmony. As you revel in the company of your loved ones, indulging in delectable cuisine and swaying under the starlit sky, The Shack Revolution captures the essence of unbridled joy and bohemian elegance. It's a sanctuary where love blossoms freely.

5. The Canary Shed

Step into Recommended venue The Canary Shed, where a delightful fusion of old-world charm and contemporary sophistication awaits you. The moment you step through its doors, the venue will transport you to a realm of timeless elegance and intimate allure. The interior's industrial-chic design, featuring exposed brick walls and industrial fixtures, infuses a sense of modernity, while the warm and romantic glow of soft lighting and opulent furnishings add a touch of enchantment. Imagine exchanging heartfelt vows under a mesmerising canopy of twinkling lights, surrounded by the infectious laughter and love of your closest friends and family. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, The Canary Shed provides the perfect canvas to breathe life into your dreams. Not only that - it's the perfect canvas for some insanely good wedding photos for your grid. Who doesn't want that? And if you're not on the 'gram - good for you. But this venue is a sure-fire way for truly spectacular wedding photos. 

6. This Must Be The Place

Fancy an Instagrammable venue abroad? We've got you covered. Recommended venue This Must Be The Place is located in Barcelona - and WHAT a venue it is. With its captivating charm and breathtaking views, this is the perfect destination to celebrate your love. Perched gracefully atop a picturesque hill, the venue treats you to a panoramic view of the city's iconic landmarks, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop. Inside, a contemporary and elegant design adorned with sleek lines and modern accents exudes irresistible sophistication. Picture yourself exchanging heartfelt vows on the open-air terrace, with the Mediterranean sun setting on the horizon. As twilight descends, the venue transforms into magic, with the city lights below twinkling like stars. From the delectable culinary delights to the captivating ambiance, This Must Be The Place promises an unforgettable experience. As you capture every cherished moment against the stunning Barcelona skyline for both you and your Instagram grid, you will remember your big day for the rest of your life.

7. Elmley Nature Reserve

Recommended venue Elmley Nature Reserve takes the final coveted spot on this list. If you and your partner consider yourselves outdoorsy, then this might be the perfect place. Elmley Nature Reserve is a truly extraordinary wedding venue that captures the essence of rustic romance amidst the beauty of the British countryside. This venue offers a serenely stunning setting for your special day, with its vast marshlands, wildflower meadows, and abundant wildlife. As you immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, you'll feel an undeniable connection with nature, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. Exchange vows under the open sky, with the gentle breeze whispering. The rustic-chic barn, with its weathered charm and inviting interiors, invites you and your loved ones to gather in an intimate and cosy space. From the warm, golden glow of the sunset to the twinkling starlit skies, Elmley Nature Reserve offers a breathtaking backdrop for your love story. And for your Instagram. Did we mention this article is about Instagrammable wedding venues? 

Instagrammable wedding venues - from cosy barns to unique vineyards 

Rock My Wedding Recommended Venues

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Finding your picture-perfect spot in a world filled with Instagrammable wedding venues can sometimes seem daunting. But hopefully, our list has helped you out on that front. Remember - whatever theme you go for, and whatever venue you choose, your wedding is going to be just that - yours. And that means it will be beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! Are you at the beginning of your planning journey? Then our article on how to find the right wedding venue for you is a good place to start. If you're halfway through your journey, however, then our 32 wedding aisle decor ideas and inspiration will be more appropriate.

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