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S3 Ep 16 // Planning A Wedding With Kids

Lots of you have babes before you get married and your wedding days become a gorgeous family affair which we are totally here for it. We wanted to make it easy for you to plan a wedding with kids so we’ve gathered together all of our top tips to share with you.

In this episode we are joined by Holly who talks us through the process of planning a wedding with kids. Her little boy Theo was just 6 months old on her and Josh’s wedding day. We also chat dress shopping when pregnant or with your newly post-partum bod and ideas for managing your baby on the day.

And then there’s guests that might have small babies. How can we make their experience easier? Stepping out the comfort zone of your own home can be a bit overwhelming when you have a small baby so it’s really nice to prepare those guests as best you can. We tell you exactly how to do that.

Having your whole family with you on your wedding day is truly magical and we hope if you’re pregnant and planning or planning with a small baby/child, that you find this episode really useful and have a giggle along the way.

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  • Lottie & Oli
    There is something so pure about a white colour scheme, it really is classic & timeless. Lottie & Oli have managed to compliment Owen House Wedding Barn perfectly with this neutral colour palette and in keeping with it's rustic charm dressed it with simple but elegant DIY hessian table runners, pape...
  • Joey & Nick
    Anyone who has had a child will appreciate how insanely beautiful Bride Joey looks - she had a baby between buying her wedding dress and getting married! What a total babe! As is her gorgeous little lady and her lovely new husband for that matter. They make such a handsome family, and their joy at c...
  • Fiona & Richard
    You know we can't resist a military uniform so it was an absolute no brainer when RMW fave Sarah-Jane Ethan submitted this pastel pretty wedding at Hoyle Court in Yorkshire. Plus have you seen the ladies gowns? Bride Fiona wears the most beautiful flamenco style Essense of Australia gown with del...
  • Maria José & Adrian
    Today's wedding is simply magical from start to finish. Set in the beautiful grounds of Jardins de Abril, Alicante with a literary theme for the book loving couple, the day was a celebration of the whole family, not just our gorgeous Maria José & Adrian. Weddings from Paloma Cruz Eventos are alw...
  • Claudia & Guilherme by Linda Nari Photography
    Claudia & Guilherme
    Bride Claudia's gorgeous frou frou Monique L'Huillier bridal skirt and lace Kilenz top is giving me all the feels this morning, not to mention her big bloomsey perfect white peony bouquet. Then there are all the incredible family portraits by Linda Nari Photography that are guaranteed to make yo...
  • Louise & Oliver by Miss Gen Photography
    Louise & Oliver
    Louise & Oliver are one of the smiliest couples we've ever featured, but when you've got a lot to smile about it's easy to be beaming all day. They share their laid back London wedding with their seven month old little boy Otis who is off the chart adorable, and the images captured by Miss Gen P...
  • Charlotte & James
    A little festive cheer for us all this cold lunchtime - in the form of Charlotte and James' cosy winter wedding at The West Mill Derby. We always love a stylish winter wedding, there's no need to go hard on the tinsel just because your wedding coincides with Christmas. Foliage, sparkly lights and an...
  • Gemma & Rich
    This morning's real wedding is a particularly special one to us here at RMW HQ. The beautiful bride Gemma and her gorgeous mum Karen are the creative forces behind The Wedding Of My Dreams and Passion For Flowers, two wedding brands we've worked with many, many times over the years. Gemma and Karen ...
  • Kelly & Simon
    A whole weekend of glamping in West Wale's Fforest in domes, a tipi ceremony, fire pits, doughnut towers, and face glitter all make this an immense celebration from start to finish. What makes it even more meaningful is the fact that the ceremony was not just about this gorgeous couple but also ...
  • Helen & George
    I guarantee this bright DIY wedding will have you beaming from ear to ear. Not least because of all the fabulous fashion and florals, but because it is very much a family focused wedding full of little people and love, and when O&C Photography get behind the lens the emotion captured is off the char...
  • Emily & David
    These two and their gorgeous family focussed wedding have melted my heart this afternoon, and I'm pretty sure they'll do they same to you. As you'll read in Emily's write up of her big day, they'd been through some difficult times before their wedding and so it became more than a wedding day, it was...
  • Rose Gold Bridesmaid Dresses
    Rose Gold Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses & Tuscan Vibes at Pentney Abbey
    BUDGET £20-25K A little taste of Tuscany in the Norfolk countryside to warm you up today, with olive tree centrepieces, rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses and gorgeous rustic flowers. All brought together under the roof of the most beautiful barn wedding venue, Pentney Abbey. Rosemary & Thyme dec...

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