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S3 Ep17 // Wedding Flowers

It’s finally here! An episode dedicated to wedding flowers. We’ve wanted to do this episode for an age and you have requested it on numerous occassions too so here it is. In this episode Charlotte and Becky are joined by wedding flowers expert Sarah from Leafy Couture.

What is key when considering your flower budget? Is foliage actually cheaper than flowers? How can you grow your own wedding flowers? How can you stop them from wilting during the day? We put all of your questions to Sarah and she has all the answers.

Wedding Flowers

You can learn more about Leafy Couture here and their online courses which are excellent if you’re looking to create your own floral displays. Sarah also did a super easy to follow wedding flower chair back DIY for you all which you can see here.

The girls also mention Flowers From The Farm which is a must visit if you’re looking to be your own florist.

Make sure you check out the links below for even more wedding flower inspiration and guidance and make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter for more exclusive content and a bonus budgeting podcast episode.



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