Inspired by the beauty of spring florals, this incredible peach and lilac curve editorial shoot at Rackleys Barn is a sight for sore eyes. With the launch of its new and exclusive plus-size boutique, Pure Couture Bridal Boutique wanted to organise and show off its gorgeous pieces. And we are ever so glad they did. The tones of peach and lilac make our hearts sing, the beautifully styled tablescapes widen our grins, and the bright, modern spring/summer feeling makes our eyes glisten. It goes without saying that pretty much every aspect of this shoot is a winner in our (now very glisten-y) eyes. Can we also take a moment for that wedding cake?... Recommended supplier Terre Et Lune Cake Design created the most breathtaking hand-painted cake with hand-made flowers. Talk about TALENT! Recommended supplier Suzy Elizabeth Photography effortlessly captured the beautiful summer energy and incredible colours in all their glory.

Peach & lilac shoot curve editorial shoot inspired by spring florals at Rackleys Barn

This summer we are really excited about the launch of our exclusive plus-size boutique. All the bridal gowns in this store will range from a high street 18 to 30. This means that between our two shops, we can cater to all brides, no matter what! We really wanted to showcase some of the gorgeous styles we already have in store, with more arriving every day. We tried to keep the hair and makeup light, natural and glowy in order to fit the fresh summer vibe perfectly.

Pure Couture Bridal Boutique

Peach & lilac perfection at Rackleys Barn

The masterminds behind this shoot had a number of inspirations. First and foremost, however, were spring florals. Spring florals are a delightful sight that ushers in a sense of renewal and beauty after the winter months. As nature begins to awaken from its slumber, vibrant blooms paint the landscape with a myriad of colours and captivating fragrances. The team definitely got this spot on - each and every photo has an air of freshness and sunshine-fuelled fun. If we could hazard a guess (or if we had synesthesia) at the smell of these photos, it would be fresh linen, newly mown grass, and blooming flowers. And it's making us bloomin' happy! The peach and lilac tones can be found throughout the shoot. In the tablescapes, the flowers, the stationery - and it's a colour combination that fits together as perfectly as salt and pepper. But that's not it. The wedding cake's design was the epitome of spring's beauty. Those hand-painted details and hand-made flowers? We could simply eat it all up. And maybe we will... Having Rackleys Barn as a backdrop was an ingenious move. The cosy, inviting nature of the barn juxtaposes perfectly with the more vibrant energy of the styling and decor. We love contrast - it adds depths and dimensions to a wedding, as well as a good ol' element of surprise!

Importance of plus-size bridal boutiques 

Plus-size bridal boutiques play a crucial role in the wedding industry. They champion inclusivity and empower brides of all sizes to embrace their beauty and feel confident on their wedding day. These boutiques recognise that every bride deserves to find her dream bridal gown. That is - regardless of her body shape or size. By offering a diverse range of stylish and well-fitting dresses, they ensure that plus-size brides no longer need to settle for limited options or struggle to imagine themselves in sample sizes that do not reflect their bodies. Beyond the dresses themselves, these boutiques provide a supportive and welcoming environment where brides can feel comfortable and understood. The new Pure Couture Bridal Boutique plus-size store will be no different. The transformative experience of finding a gown that truly fits can really positively impact a bride's self-esteem, allowing her to fully immerse herself in the joy and excitement of the wedding planning process. Plus-size bridal boutiques are not merely about fashion; they are about challenging outdated beauty standards and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual. Their significance extends far beyond the realm of weddings, as they contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society, fostering acceptance and love for all bodies.

Falling head over heels for the warm and cool-toned wedding stationery? Don't worry - so are we.

We gave the very talented Charlene at Terre Et Lune Cake Design complete creative control. We wanted to allow her to create something she felt fit with the feel of the day. It goes without saying that she did exactly that! She created a truly stunning hand-painted cake with handmade flowers. It was the perfect focal point for the wedding tablescape. You could even call it the centrepiece

Pure Couture Bridal Boutique

Call us crazy, but this might be the most lilac-y editorial shoot we've seen in some time. And we absolutely love it. That wedding cake has to be one of the most gorgeous pieces of art we've ever seen. All of Terre Et Lune Cake Design's creations are marvellous. If you've ever wondered what happens on the day-to-day for a cake maker, then our A Day In The Life with Terre Et Lune Cake Design will prove fruitful. The setting of Rackleys Barn was, as aforementioned, an excellent choice. This choice just goes to show how important choosing the right venue for you is.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Dresses and Organisation : Pure Couture Bridal Boutique | Photography: Suzy Elizabeth Photography | Florist: Blossom & Ivy | Makeup Artist: Laura Carroll Makeup Artist | Cake Maker: Terre Et Lune Cake Design | Venue and Table Styling: Ambience Venue Styling | Stationery: Emma Lou Stationery | Model: Hannah Jackz

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