The sage green bridesmaid dresses aren’t the only on-trend part of this day. Emily and Kelvin are one of those couples that make you question your own style (seriously… will I ever be this cool?) With a super informal and relaxed vibe, this gorgeous couple wanted to celebrate the fact they’re born and bred Londoners, whilst also honouring their cultures. Wanting to support local suppliers as much as possible, they used street food vendors as caterers, and ordered pizza to feed their evening guests! Emily and Kelvin also happen to be two of our very own Recommended Suppliers, who own the Blithe Booth Co. A special shoutout to Emily’s DIY-handed painted pink shoes, complete with pom-poms (we’re in love). Of course Recommended Supplier, Kirsty Mackenzie Photography, was on hand to capture this incredible day. Oh, and please do keep reading for the adorable fortune cookie story… 

Sage green bridesmaid dresses for stylish city wedding

When we first started dating I opened a fortune cookie whilst at dinner with Kelvin. It read 'happiness is right next to you’. Kelvin had this stitched into his suit.



The vibe was super informal and relaxed. We just wanted to get married and finally see our family and friends! We loved the idea of an industrial vibe, so we knew the venue we chose would be rough around the edges. It was a blank canvas for us to use the space to celebrate our love and our guests without too many distractions.


We had a traditional white dress wedding during the day with a change of attire in the evening to traditional Sierra Leonean wear along with our 100 guests. Picking Caribbean caterers to honour Emily's Jamaican heritage and ordering almost 100 pizzas to feed our evening guests (super informal!).

Smoke bomb portraits are always a winner…

Our advice would be just do what you want and try not to get too caught up in traditions and how other people think you should be doing things. There are no rules!

Emily & Kelvin

Sage green bridesmaid dresses are definitely a go-to look in our eyes. Although could you be more persuaded with the burnt orange that’s currently the talk of the town? Either way, we’re loving each aspect of this gorgeous day! Don’t forget to check out more of our incredible Recommended Suppliers like Kirsty Mackenzie Photography. 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: MKII | MC: Folly Fresh | Photo Booth: Blithe Booth Co. | Florist: Grove Flora | Catering: Juice Jerk | Drink: Twiss Up | Hair Stylist: Anouk | Wedding Gown: Alonuko Bespoke | Bridesmaids Gowns: NA-KD | Grooms Suit: Jide Adesina | Celebrant: Inner World Outer Life

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