If you're looking for a more modern reading, how about this Sex and the City wedding reading? Who could you possibly take better relationship advice from than Carrie Bradshaw herself? Well, now we're thinking about it, there might be a few better options. Nevertheless, this iconic poem is undoubtedly fit for a wedding reading. The poem was written by Carrie for a friend's wedding and she read it out during their reception. If you decide this short and sweet poem is the perfect choice for your day, download a copy! We've included a link to the original scene the poem is from just below. Everybody stand, Carrie is about to speak...

Sex & The City

Spoken by Carrie

His hello was the end of her endings, Her laugh was their first step down the aisle, His hand would be hers to hold forever, His forever was as simple as her smile, He said she was what was missing, She said instantly she knew, She was a question to be answered, And his answer was 'I do’.

Are you ready to say 'I Do'?

If you're saying, 'I do' to this wedding reading we've got a free copy waiting for you!

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The poem is just perfect (despite Big's rude departure). This Sex and the City wedding reading is definitely short and sweet and would be suited to a guest that would like to speak at your wedding but maybe only wants to say a few words. If you've found your wedding reading, you can move on to some more exciting wedding planning! Looking to finalise your wedding signage? Here are the five signs you need for your wedding day. What about turning up to the ceremony? We've got some epic wedding transport for you and also how to style your wedding transport for the big day, too.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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