Following our transport roundup, we wanted to dedicate a post entirely to wedding cars. Arriving in style is not only cool but necessary! Wedding cars have been the most popular wedding transportation choice for quite some time now. That's why choosing the right car for you is so important. Sit back and strap yourself in (pun intended) as we share soft tops, vintage cars and four-wheel drives. The possibilities are endless.

Wedding cars continue to be the no. 1 choice for wedding transport - but which one will you choose?

Vintage Wedding Cars

Starting things off, we've got vintage wedding cars. Hiring a vintage car creates an incredibly charming entrance. They're the total package! A great symbol of a marriage ceremony, elegant looking, and creates an ever-lasting glamour to your wedding pictures. They offer more comfort than a modern car as they have very soft upholstery. Who knew you could travel in style and comfort?? (Hint: we did!) Luisa & Stuart's blue and cream vintage car exemplifies this perfectly! Obsessed.

Rolls-Royce Wedding Cars

When thinking about wedding cars, Rolls-Royce often springs to mind first. They hold a reputation for being super trustworthy, with little chance of breaking down. Rolls-Royces are known to be the ultimate wedding car. Your entrance will pulse with grandeur and style, whatever model or colour you choose. Who doesn't want that? Not to mention that these cars are quite low to the ground. So, if you've decided to wear a princess wedding dress, it eases the entering and exiting process plentifully. Woohoo! Annie & Emma's entrance in the dazzling white Rolls-Royce was simply to die for.

Classic Wedding Cars

If your wedding has a vintage vibe to it, opting for a classic wedding car is a great choice. If you want to arrive in style with a car that has loads of character, pops of colour and an old-timey feel to it, then you're in the right place. To spice up your transport, even more, classic wedding cars look fabulous with some ribbon or fresh flowers. Leanne & Tom's wedding game was very strong with their classic car adorned with floral bumper decorations.

Convertible Wedding Cars

Top-down, thumbs up! Convertible wedding cars have certainly maintained their popularity since being released in the 1920s. Even if the weather has other plans, convertibles are effortlessly cool. There are some things to bear in mind, however. What's the weather going to be like? What is your hair going to look like afterwards? If you've considered these and are still pro-convertible, fantastic! They're a gorgeous summer option and give off serious South of France energy. Joanna & Daniel bathed in sunlight and looked great whilst driving in their black convertible.

VW Beetle Wedding Car

Going for more of a cute, chic theme? Then the VW Beetle is a great choice for you. Adorable, vintage and surprisingly roomy, these wedding cars give a lovely sense of nostalgia with their unique characteristics. Regardless of if you choose a vintage Beetle or a more modern one, this quirky little car will add some dashes of fun to your wedding day. Maryke & John's baby blue VW Beetle wowed the guests and provided much-needed support and comfort throughout the day.

Land Rover Wedding Car

If you're looking to add some edge to your day, then opting for a Land Rover is always a great choice. A more alternative choice, yet it certainly doesn't lose out in comfort. With plush seating and lots of wiggle room, it's as handy as it is cool. Land Rovers will add a touch of edginess to anyone's day, so if that's what you're looking for, then you've found your car! Emma & Seb's entrance in their decorated black Rover exemplifies the gorgeous contrast of a gentle, classic wedding dress next to a more rugged-looking car.

Fiat 500 Wedding Car

Fiat 500's feel as though they've been around for aeons, and for good reason! If you want to make your day memorable and relive La Dolce Vita, then this one's for you. With their quirky body, comfort, and cute-as-a-button vibe, it's no surprise they're so popular. Fiat 500s turn heads without being over-the-top, and their iconic status is guaranteed to add style and personality to your wedding day. Ryanna & Argha's car is exhibit A. Their adorable cream Fiat 500 was adorned with white ribbon and a floral top giving it bundles of personality.

Wedding Car Hire

No one said that wedding planning was easy. Nor did they say that finding the right car is easy, either. Luckily, though, we want to help out in both of these avenues. Over on our website, we've got a whole page dedicated to Recommended transport suppliers. After selecting which area you live in/are looking for, you'll be presented with a host of different and fantastic suppliers. Whatever car you decide to go with, you'll certainly find what you're looking for there.

Decorate a Wedding Car

Over the years, wedding car decoration has become more and more popular, and we love to see it. So much so, in fact, that we're going to be dedicating another article to the art of car decoration. For now, though, it gets its own section. Wedding cars alone look great, but with some decorating skills at hand, it can take your big day up a serious notch. The most common decoration on cars is either florals or silk/lace, usually either above the numberplate, the bonnet, or on the roof of the car. They add style and elegance to any car and can be matched with your colour/floral scheme. Winner! Keep your eyes peeled for our article detailing other gorgeous ways to decorate your wedding car - it's gonna be a good one!

Wedding cars are a great way to add personality to your big day - so choosing the right one is important!

Hopefully, after two articles about wedding transport ideas, you're feeling a bit more confident in your choices. If you need even more wedding planning, don't fret. We've got it covered! If you're list-obsessed like me, then our 18-month wedding planning checklist is your knight in shining armour. In order to get that perfect pic of you, your new partner and your excellently chosen (if we do say so ourselves) wedding car, you'll need a good photographer. Handy that we've got a roundup of the 10 must-have wedding photos, so you can ask them yourself! Finally, if you need some advice about budgeting for your big day listen to our how to budget for your wedding podcast episode, it's just the ticket.

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