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One of the loveliest parts of wedding planning is choosing your stationery. The options really are endless these days, with styles to suit everyone. Whether you are going the whole hog with a full stationery suite, or a simple invite with a Wedding Website - our handpicked Recommended suppliers are here to help.

You'll find this post loaded with inspiring stationery imagery but also the wedding stationery checklist you need to make sure you have all the boxes ticked, so to speak. Your stationery sets the tone for your day. I'm sure you will hear this many, many times when you start to plan your wedding - but it's true. It's the first glimpse into the styling of your big day that people will see, so keeping it in line with the rest of your wedding vision makes a lot of sense. In many ways, choosing your stationery can really help you to hone down your inspiration and ideas - I mean I'm sure we're all guilty of over pinning. You're only planning the one wedding after all! Below is a gallery brimming with inspiration from our Recommended suppliers, just click on an image to see the supplier and head to their website for more info. You can also save or pin our helpful wedding stationery checklist at the bottom of the article.

Wedding Stationery Inspiration

We're also thrilled to be sharing the brand new collection from Eliza May Prints with you today. I'm a sucker for florals, so I'm absolutely loving the Rose Bloom collection. Eliza has also kindly answered some questions for us, including some great insider advice for ordering your stationery.

1. How did you become a stationer? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I've always loved pretty paper goods and anything to do with creative design but it wasn't until my sister got married this year that I discovered my love for wedding stationery. I offered to design the stationery for her big day as a fun little project, she accepted and let me take full rein of the design and I completely fell in love with the whole process and romance of it all. My sister had received so many compliments on her invitations that I decided to start my own little wedding stationery business and see where it would take me. In all honesty, I never really imagined it to take off, but it's been a crazy, exciting whirlwind ever since. Originally I wanted to be a fashion designer, and went on to study fashion in London. After my course, I realised fashion design wasn't the career for me, but I learnt some valuable skills and creative knowledge that have helped me get to where I am today.

2. Why are paper goods so important to you?

In a world where everything is becoming digitalised, it's important to me that we don't abandon paper goods entirely. It's so nice to come home to an actual letter, card, or invitation. It's interpersonal and exciting and to think that somebody has actually taken the time to send something in the post adds so much more value. I'm always browsing stationery and greetings card shops and admiring the beautiful designs, you just don't get that kind of feeling staring at something on a screen. My favourite part of the wedding stationery design process is packaging up the final printed paper version and imagining my clients excitement when they receive their stationery.

3. How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as contemporary, stylish and feminine. I'm naturally attracted to all things floral, pretty and girly but I like to mix things up and offer a varied portfolio with an option for everyone. As Eliza May Prints has only been running since January there are still so many designs to explore and I'm constantly brainstorming and planning new collections. I like to keep a close eye on trends and know what's happening in the wedding world, Rock My Wedding is a fantastic source for inspiration!

4. What is your favourite design in your collection?

It's really hard to pick a favourite because when I'm designing each collection I imagine that I'm designing them for myself, so I love them all so much, but if I had to pick a favourite design it would have to be the Rose Bloom collection. The pink and peachy tones mixed with large watercolour rose illustrations are just so dreamy, I swoon over them every time I'm packaging them up for clients!

5. What are the inspiration and influences behind the new collection?

There's a different inspiration behind all 4 of the new collections. I wanted to add variety to my range, because it's so hard trying not to design too many pretty feminine floral collections, they're so pretty, but I know that kind of thing isn't for everyone. So I went for a chalkboard design, Dusky Romance, which is inspired by the sweet nostalgia of school days, chalkboard backdrops have become such a popular design for weddings, they complement any wedding theme! Country Charm is inspired by my love for earthy elements and organic textures, the recycled kraft paper texture is so gorgeous! Then I just had to add some florals, Rose Bloom and Floral Chic, both designs are really delicate and graceful and inspired by my love for flowers.

6. Do you have any insider tips or advice for ordering wedding stationery?

One bit of advice I'd say is to make sure you order a sample of the wedding invitation you like before actually placing your full order! So many wedding stationers offer samples so that you can check the quality of the design in person, it takes more than just seeing a beautiful design online to be certain it's the one for you, sometimes the photographs don't show a true reflection of the colours or paper texture, so it's always good to check! Another piece of advice I'd give is to always order more invitations and envelopes than you need, I'd say at least 10 extra. This is just a safety net in case you've missed somebody off the list, or you've spelled a name or address incorrectly on one of the envelopes.

Wedding Stationery Checklist - Pin It!

Save or pin this handy wedding stationery checklist to make sure you don't miss anything on your stationery - whether you have digital or paper, this is the ultimate list of everything you could include.

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