Think pink! If your favourite colour is pink, you’ll love our pink wedding theme ideas! Have you ever wondered how to have a Barbie wedding? The release of the live-action Barbie movie has inspired us to step into our Barbie dream world where everything is pink. From keeping it subtle with pops of pink wedding decor to full pink wedding dresses, suits, and bridesmaid dresses, we’re here to give you some serious pink wedding inspiration even Barbie would be jealous of. As RuPaul would say, the category is: PINK!

Pink wedding theme ideas to make your Barbie wedding dreams come true!

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

Get your bridal party strutting down the aisle like it's a runway in pink! In our opinion, there isn't a colour that you can have more fun in than the colour pink. Our favourite bridal parties are often in mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Let your 'I Do Crew' select different shades of pink or keep it classic with just one tone. If you're obsessed with that chic feminine vibe, pink is an obvious choice.

Pink Wedding Cakes

How could you include pink in your wedding day? Well, if not the decor or outfits, then having a pink wedding cake is one way! Especially relevant if you're having a strawberry-flavoured wedding cake, pink icing is definitely an appetising colour. You could go all out or keep it more subtle with some floral decorations or a pink cake topper instead.

Pink Stationery

If you know from the get-go what your wedding colour scheme will be, then you'll be able to involve pink in your wedding invitations and stationery that gets sent out before the day as well as on the day wedding stationery. Your menus, your order of service, and so much more could be in a dreamy pink. Again, how much pink you want to include is up to you! Go for fully pink paper or just pink calligraphy, what do you prefer?

Pink Wedding Decor

It goes without saying that a pink wedding theme is going to need some pink wedding decor. Use lighting to your advantage here and have some fun with bold pink neon signs or pink taper candles and tea lights. A style we're huge fans of are streamers! Pink and silver or pink and red are some classic colour combinations that look incredible. Don't forget about banners, signage, your tablescape, and food and drinks too!

Pink Wedding Dress

If you truly feel like embracing your inner Barbie, a pink wedding dress is a necessity. At Rock My Wedding we actively encourage having Your Day, Your Way! So go ahead and choose an alternative wedding dress in a different colour than white. These real brides below wore some pretty muted blush tones or eye-catching vibrant magenta and they all look so stunning. Pink is the new white!

Pink Flowers

There's something about flowers that really speaks to us. The whimsical botanical vibe truly transforms your wedding venue to look like something from a different world. If you decide to choose some pink floral arrangements for your pink wedding theme, you won't be seeing green or feeling blue (we couldn't resist) but ready to feel all the love!

Pink Nails

Imagination, life is your creation! Let your imagination run wild with your wedding nails. From baby pink to hot fuschia, simple nail art to bold designs, you don't have to go traditional with your wedding nails by choosing a neutral colour if you don't want to. If your hair and makeup are more classic, you can show your fun side through your nails instead!

Pink Shoes

If you're wearing a classic long white wedding dress, everything will look traditional until you start walking and a pop of pink peeks through! If you have a short wedding dress or a wedding dress with a high-leg slit, you can really make a statement with some fluffy platform wedding shoes in hot pink! You want to put the right foot forward as you walk down the aisle and there's no better choice than a pink shoe to do just that.

Pink Suit

Hi, Ken! Ken is proof that pink looks incredible on men too! Why not embrace some colour when choosing your wedding suit? We also have some stunning bridal suits and jumpsuits to inspire you even more! The colour pink means romance, so it's obviously the perfect choice for a wedding outfit. If you're not sure about wearing colour all day, why not consider changing into a pink outfit just for your reception?

Pink Ties

If going all out with a pink suit isn't for you, you can always keep it more minimal with a pink tie instead! Match your buttonhole with your tie to have coordinated accessories and keep the groom's look put together.

Pink is the colour of all good things - flamingoes, strawberry ice cream, the list goes on!

Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding day can be a huge task because it strongly dictates the vibe of your day. Everyone will have personal connections to colours based on their own experiences but there are also generic meanings of colours to consider. Blue is connected to feeling sad and purple is connected to royalty. Pink highlights romance, love, femininity, and of course is connected to the iconic Barbie! Here are some more pink bridesmaid dresses if you're not done browsing the inspiration just yet. Plus, don't forget to take a look at our wedding timeline guide to help you with your wedding planning journey.

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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